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For many businesses, 2023 has been about making the most of the time, resources and money at hand.

Our most read content within our Resource Center says a lot about what businesses are thinking about payments today and their impact on the bottom line. Next-gen payment orchestration, global expansion, embedded payments and payment optimization are some of the key themes you will find in our most popular pieces. Businesses are looking for practical but strategic guidance on payments and how the right approach can contribute to success. Take a look and see which nuggets could help you make your payments more profitable in 2024.

Drive Profitability with Global Payment Orchestration

What if you could consolidate all of your payment vendors into one without sacrificing any payment optimization? That is exactly what you get with next-gen payment orchestration. Learn how this new approach can reduce strain on your technical team and make your business more profitable.

Growing Global: Boost Revenue for Your Business with Payments

Your growing online business has you selling in more locations than ever before. Now is the time to take a look at your global payments strategy and make sure it is set up to help you increase sales, reduce costs and improve your bottom line. This eMagazine offers the information you need to make the most out of expanding your business globally.

Reclaim Revenue & Stop Overpaying for Payments

Without the right strategies, your cross-border payments could be negatively impacting your bottom line – even in ways you haven’t considered. This whitepaper walks you through how to think about the true costs of payments with tactics for improving your ROI.

How Things Work: Intelligent Payment Routing

Intelligent payment routing is the key to shifting transaction approval rates in your favor, but the issue is that not all payment processors offer this feature. Most payment providers are either connected to one acquiring bank in a region or require merchants to obtain their own acquiring merchant account in each region with no logic for routing the payments intelligently. Learn more about intelligent payment routing and what it means for your payments.

Embedded Finance Explained: Payments, Credit & More

If you work for a software provider, either you’re considering some form of embedded payment service or your competition is. That’s because fintech has essentially become the fourth platform of the modern tech stack for all software businesses, along with internet access, cloud computing and mobile technology. Here’s what you need to know about the basics of embedded finance, why it’s an increasingly important service for all industries and business models, and how you can seamlessly incorporate features like payments into your software for clients.

4 Areas to Consider When Selecting a Digital Commerce Payment Vendor

Digital payments are key to a business’s growth. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with a patchwork of digital payment providers they’ve put together to meet all their needs. Taking a more strategic approach to payments, however, allows businesses to keep up with innovation in payment technology and their evolving needs while still providing a seamless, positive experience for customers. Learn about the four main areas you need to consider to ensure you’re choosing the right digital payments vendor for your business.

BlueSnap’s Ultimate Guide to Payment Tokenization

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their security and to improve their authorization rates. Payment tokenization can help you do both. Learn more about the different types of tokenization, how it works and the benefits it can have on your business.

Know Your Embedded Fintech Terms [Infographic]

If you’ve been paying attention to fintech and software platform innovation this year, then you have been hearing a lot about embedded. This infographic explains some of the most common embedded terms, related products and how you might be able to use them in your business.

Improve Manual Process with AR Automation, Improve Employee Retention

An efficient AR process is essential for any company that depends on invoices for payment. Your AR process directly impacts cash flow, employee productivity, customer experience and your ability to plan for the future. And inefficient, manual processes can bring your business to a halt. But manual invoicing processes also take a toll on employees, who are forced to waste their time and energy on practices that could be replaced by digital solutions. AR delays can lead to additional employee dissatisfaction by slowing raises and straining resources. This impacts employee morale and encourages individuals to seek other opportunities that better use their skills and time.

Making Fintech More Inclusive: The Keys to Attracting & Elevating More Women

According to Deloitte, in North America, women account for only 21% of both C-suite and senior leadership roles in the financial services industry. And in other regions, there is even less representation. In Europe, for example, women account for only 17% of C-suite roles. To make a difference, the fintech industry needs to consider the obstacles to women entering the industry, as well as solutions that could be put into place to be more welcoming to women.

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