NetSuite is the industry leader in integrated cloud-business solution software, including accounting, ERP & CRM, and eCommerce. NetSuite can be used to manage inventory, track financials, host eCommerce stores, automate cash reconciliation, accept payments on invoices, and for enterprise resource planning (ERP) to keep your business operating efficiently.
Expand your payment capabilities by choosing BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite to support multiple countries and use cases, and grow your revenue – all with one SuitePayments partner.

Key Benefits of BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite

BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite SuitePayments will help you:

Increase Authorization Rates & Lower Costs: With Intelligent Payment Routing, failover, a network of global banks and local card acquiring in 47 countries, transactions are routed to minimize declines and avoid expensive cross-border fees.

Support Multiple Use Cases: Our modular technology allows you to choose the functionality to support what you need to meet your payment requirements, including B2C and B2B use cases across eCommerce, invoicing and billing automation.

Value-Added Services: Choose the services you’d like to use, whether fraud prevention, chargeback management, tax calculations and more. You can use your existing services or BlueSnap’s – the choice is yours.

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Here’s What You Get with BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite

Global Payments:

  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • ACH 
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Auth/Capture
  • Payment Optimization
  • Vaulted Shopper
  • Coming soon: EFT, SEPA, PADS, BECS

Intelligent Payment Routing:

  • Global network of banks to improve authorization and costs.
  • Local Card Acquiring in 47 countries, reducing the costs associated with selling cross-border.
  • Level 2 and 3 data processing provides robust insights to lower costs per transaction.
  • 3-D Secure to reduce your exposure to fraud.
  • Redundancy & Failover built-in so if one bank declines a transaction, we automatically route it to another for approval.

Reporting & Reconciliation:

  • Sync NetSuite PO to MTI field, so it can be passed between systems to tie transaction together.  
  • Extensive standard reporting and payment analytics to quickly dive into critical payment data.

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