Invoicing & Billing AR Automation

Streamline Your Quote-to-Cash Process with AR Automation

AR Automation Helps You Get Paid Faster While Reducing Costs

Manual invoicing and the accounts receivable (AR) process can be riddled with inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and late payments. These late payments are hindering 37% of companies from being able to accurately forecast their cash flow, and about a third have lost customers and contracts because of their manual AR processes.

With BlueSnap’s AR Automation Software, you can streamline your entire quote-to-cash process and manage workflows to get paid faster. We offer a comprehensive solution for you to automate invoicing, set up billing, communicate with customers, manage documents, have a branded customer portal and access unified reporting for reconciliation.


decrease in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for Valvoline by using BlueSnap AR Automation. Our technology helps them collect payments faster while also freeing up employees for more value-added work.


Boost Your Business with Accounts Receivable Automation

Increase Cash Flow

Streamline the entire process from quote to cash for more efficient invoices, subscriptions and collections.

Improve Customer Experience

Enable customers to pay invoices and balances, update billing information and view account documents in a branded portal.

Boost Productivity

Automate each step of your billing, accounting and payment processes through one application that syncs with your existing ERP and CRM.

Enhance Forecasting

Get instant visibility on accounts, invoices and performance for faster and more accurate insights that can feed your planning

Integrate with the Software You Already Use, No Coding Needed

Our AR automation solution is pre-integrated with the software you already use, like Quickbooks, NetSuite, Xero and Microsoft Dynamics. We partner with leading:

  • Accounting systems
  • ERP systems
  • CRMs
  • And more

Our solution provides seamless bidirectional data synchronization with native integrations, allowing for improved efficiencies and automatic payment reconciliation without complex onboarding or development.


Effortless Dunning Management

Save time and streamline processes with communications and dunning automation, turning hours of work into minutes.

Customer Portal

Maximize the customer experience with a branded self-service portal. Simplify invoice payments, real-time billing updates and access to payment plans and documents.

Automated Workflows

Simplify your billing operations with automated workflows. Streamline charging, set late fees, manage users, and communicate seamlessly.

Billing & Subscription Management

Our software lets you easily manage recurring invoices, subscriptions, usage-based billing and automatic payments.

Global Payment Functionality Integrated into Your AR Automation

Get paid faster by accepting 100+ currencies and 100+ payment types, including ACH, SEPA and digital wallets.

  • Seamlessly handle and record payments in one system, giving customers the ability to remit funds via payment link right on the invoice, via SMS or payment automation. Customers can also take advantage of self-service through the Customer Portal, where they can pay online and save billing information for future payments
  • Rest assured with secure, compliant payments. We take care of the latest regulations, including PCI, GDPR, 3-D Secure, taxes and more.
  • Enable fully compliant surcharging to cover the costs of credit card transactions, whether it’s one-time or recurring.

Automate Your Entire AR Process

With our AR Automation solution your business gets the tools you need to decrease your DSO, improve customer experience and boost your business.

  • Quickly and securely access documents and send for signature. Create documents from scratch or upload.
  • Create the billing structure that will power your business with trial periods, prorating, usage-based billing, discounts and more.
  • Use invoices from your existing ERP or easily create them with our WYSIWYG invoice editor and push them directly into your accounting system.
  • Enable automatic charging and payment collection for your business, and easily assess late fees according to the rules you set.
  • Offer customers instant access to their invoice via portal, email and mobile, so they can access their account and pay wherever they are.

Seamless Integrations with Your Existing Systems

NetSuite, a BlueSnap Integration Partner


Build with Confidence

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