Global Payments Payment Optimization

Payment Optimization Tools to Improve Authorizations & Reduce Costs

Built-In Tools for Higher Authorizations

BlueSnap has a suite of tools to help you increase your revenue up to 12% and reduce costs. With BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing, transactions automatically route to minimize declines and maximize gains. Along with features such as Level 2 and Level 3 data processing, 3-D Secure, and tokenization and encryption, we can help you get the most out of payment optimization.


BlueSnap customers see up to a 12% percent growth in revenue by increasing their authorization rates.

How Your Business Benefits from Payment Optimization

Increase Authorization Rates

Grow your sales with Intelligent Payment Routing and our extensive global banking network.

Decrease Checkout Abandonment

Help customers complete purchase with 100+ currencies and 100+ payments types.

Avoid Cross-Border Fees

Benefit from local card acquiring in up to 47 countries to avoid up to 2% in unnecessary fees.

Reduce Technical Debt

One integration to BlueSnap gives you unified reporting and everything you need to optimize global payments.

Intelligent Payment Routing for Sustained Revenue Growth

With BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing, our processing engine automatically analyzes buyer characteristics – such as currency, issuing country and payment type – to route the payment to the bank most likely to approve that specific transaction. This minimizes declines and maximizes revenue gains, growing your sales — now that’s payment optimization!

Increase profit margins by 6% on average by reducing fees.

Reduce Your Costs with Local Card Acquiring

Capturing global sales can expand your business and increase your revenue, and we understand what it takes. With BlueSnap, we eliminate cross-border challenges, enabling you to fully capitalize on customers in other regions. You can accept payments in over 200 geographies, take advantage of our global network of banks and benefit from local card acquiring in 47 countries. With local card acquiring, your authorization rate increases, and you and your customers avoid unnecessary fees.


Intelligent Payment Routing

BlueSnap ensures successful conversions by routing payments to get the highest approval rate. And, when a payment isn’t approved, it’s automatically retried to capture more sales.

Level 2 and 3 Data Processing

We support Level 2 and Level 3 data processing to provide robust insight into charges resulting in lower costs per transaction for you.


Simplify PCI requirements, earn repeat customers and increase authorization rates with multiple levels of tokenization.

3-D Secure

3-D Secure provides Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for online payments to protect your business and reduce your exposure to fraud.

Account Updater

Keep your shoppers’ subscription payment and card-on-file information up-to-date so you don’t lose sales when their card expires or changes.

Seamless Integrations with Your Existing Systems

Reduced Checkout Abandonment for Increased Revenue

You don’t want to spend all the time to get shoppers to make a purchase just to lose them when they abandon at checkout because they don’t see the ways they want to pay. 56% of companies don’t offer customers’ preferred global payment types, but with BlueSnap you can. You’ll be able to take advantage of 100+ currencies and 100+ payment methods, greatly reducing the potential for checkout abandonment.


Shopper Currencies


Global Payment Types


Payout Currencies

One Integration

If you’re working with multiple payment processors to support your payments, you’re spending unnecessary time and resources to integrate and maintain multiple platforms. With BlueSnap, you get a single integration, unified reporting and everything else you need to sell around the world built-in. We can provide the technical resources necessary to reach customers around the globe without sacrificing efficiency or causing you to drown in technical debt.

Tokenization to Keep Shopping Easy & Cardholder Data Safe

Safely storing customer details enables repeat customers to check out quickly and securely, while allowing new customers to shop with confidence. Benefit from one-time and multi-use tokens to securely process shopper data. When a customer is checking out, our Hosted Payment Fields generate a unique token for the customer that includes their details and allows for secure checkout. In addition, you can save payment information using our Vaulted Shopper feature, which creates an additional token for future purchases.


Consolidate Your Payment Vendors

How much time do you spend maintaining integrations to meet your various payment needs? What if you could do it with just one?

BlueSnap’s Payment Orchestration Platform has everything you need built-in and works with the other software you are already using so you can focus your development time on more value-add work.

Single Integration Functionality

BlueSnap’s RESTful APIs can be easily used with any HTTP client

Hosted payment fields encrypt sensitive card information for a secure checkout.

We use one-time and multi-use tokens to securely process shopper data.

Securely store your shopper’s payment details in BlueSnap with Vaulted Shopper.

Build with Confidence

BlueSnap provides robust, clear documentation and offers live support so you get the answers when you need them.

Visit the BlueSnap Developer Hub to get started.

Get the credentials you need with a BlueSnap account.

Access in-depth reporting and important information.

Easy access to the important documentation you need.

Walkthroughs for leveraging our payment functionality.

Quick answers to common questions about BlueSnap.


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