Embedded Payments

Global Embedded Payments for Your Platform

Software Platforms that Embed Payments See Up to a 5X Increase in Value Per Customer

Embedding payments into a software platform can completely change the value of the business. Instead of relying solely on revenue from subscription fees and add-on services, software platforms that embed payments increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while also earning incremental revenue from payments. The more payments you help your clients accept, the more revenue you earn.

BlueSnap makes embedding global payments into your platform easy. We’ll work one-on-one with you to determine which of our solutions fits your business needs and develop a go-to-market strategy to enable you to sell your solution. With BlueSnap’s Embedded Payments and Payfac-as-a-Service capabilities, you can own a global customized payment experience for your clients that increases revenue for your business.


increase in value per customer by embedding payments into a platform.

The Benefits of Embedding Payments with BlueSnap

Sell White-Label Payments

Choose from one of BlueSnap’s options to find the partnership that’s right for you. BlueSnap’s Payment API lets you build a customized checkout experience, with tailored branding, unique checkout flows and more.

Improve the Experience

You know what your customers need and how they should be supported. You can provide payment support for your customers or let BlueSnap’s payment experts take the lead – depending on the solution you choose.

Grow Globally

With 100+ currencies, 100+ payment types and local card acquiring, your clients can accept payments anywhere in the world. With BlueSnap’s payments expertise you and your clients will get the most out of accepting payments globally.

Expand Revenue

With BlueSnap’s payment technology, you will be able to help your clients optimize all of their payments, improving authorization rates and reducing fees, which means more money for them and you.

BlueSnap DashTMBlueSnap RelayTM
Speed to MarketFastestFast
OnboardingAPI or
Hosted application
ReportingBlueSnap PortalAPI
Customer SupportBlueSnapPlatform
Partner PortalYesYes

How Do You Want to Facilitate Payments?

BlueSnap has two solutions to help you make payments a part of your business. Choose from Embedded Payments, our turnkey solution, and our Payfac-as-a-Service solution that offers more ownership of your end-to-end payments. No matter what solution you choose, BlueSnap can help you make global payments part of your business.

*with your branding

Grow Global, Stay Local

With BlueSnap, you get instant global scale in a single, unified account with the advantage of local payment processing. You and your customers benefit from 100+ local currencies and 100+ payment methods so you can sell in over 200 geographies with local card acquiring in 47 countries.

We’ve built Intelligent Payment Routing across our extensive network of global banks to give you:

• Reduced cross-border fees

• Reduced foreign exchange costs

• Improved payment authorization rates

• Best-in-class uptime with instant failover


Speed to Market

Get up and running quickly so you don’t miss out on revenue. Use our APIs to customize the experience, including onboarding, reporting and more.

A Customer-Centric Solution

Benefit from the flexibility to decide on capabilities, branding, and how it’s sold and supported – your payment solution is up to you. Our tools, your vision.

Payment Flows

Enable multiple payment flows to meet you and your clients’ needs, including one-time, recurring, one-to-many, many-to-one or any combination.

Expedited Onboarding for Clients

Onboard and verify your clients quickly using our onboarding API or hosted solution. We can migrate your existing customer portfolio to get them up and running fast.

Powerful Reporting

Create customized reporting with BlueSnap’s Reporting API to give your customers the robust information they need to grow their businesses – plus you get the insights as well.

Partner Portal

Manage numerous aspects of your business directly through our portal, including applications, viewing and tracking KYC/AML documents and more.

Compliance & Licenses

Ensure compliance with regional requirements with our built-in solutions. You also have full control over user licenses – you choose who can and can’t use your solution.

Hosted Embedded Payments

BlueSnap DashTM

BlueSnap Dash™ is our hosted, turnkey Embedded Payments solution that gives you the fastest speed to market. BlueSnap takes care of the onboarding, reporting and support.

BlueSnap DashTM
Speed to MarketFastest
OnboardingAPI or
Hosted application
ReportingBlueSnap Portal
Customer SupportBlueSnap
Partner PortalYes


BlueSnap provides robust, clear documentation and offers live support so you get the answers when you need them.

BlueSnap DashTM Overview

Quickly go live with very little development effort.

Management Tools

Learn more how to manage your merchants with Dash.

BlueSnap RelayTM
Speed to MarketFast
Customer SupportPlatform
Partner PortalYes


BlueSnap RelayTM

BlueSnap Relay™ is our quick-to-market, Payfac-as-a-Service, white-label offering that shields you from risk while letting you brand your way.

*with your branding


BlueSnap provides robust, clear documentation and offers live support so you get the answers when you need them.

BlueSnap RelayTM Overview

Get started by creating a completely branded experience for your merchants.

Management Tools

Learn more how to manage your merchants with Dash.

Why Veracross Chose BlueSnap for Embedded Payments

“We’ve had such a great reaction after we implemented BlueSnap. With the automatic reconciliation and that time savings that it gives the business office, it really gives them a lot of peace of mind there in knowing that all their payments are coming in through one system.”

– Jessica Wallis, Senior VP, Veracross

Trusted by Global Brands

The combined power of our expert payments people, innovative modular technology and unrelenting drive for ROI has earned the trust of thousands of customers. Here are just a few:

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