Invoicing & Billing Virtual Terminal

Accept More Digital Payments with Virtual Terminal

Easily Process Digital Payments by Phone or Email

BlueSnap’s Virtual Terminal allows you to quickly start processing electronic payments to help you take payments by mail, email or phone. You can get paid faster while increasing customer satisfaction. You can even store payment information for future charges and avoid late payments. Quickly begin accepting digital payments without any integration or coding.


of businesses want to accept more electronic payments. Virtual Terminal helps you get paid faster while accepting payments a number of ways

Your Business Benefits from Accepting Payments via Virtual Terminal

Improve Cash Flow

Process payments quickly by entering in customers’ information into a web-based application, no code needed.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Remove friction from the payment process and offer your customers more options for paying you.

Boost Productivity

Eliminate the need to chase late payments and process paper checks by putting an end to fully manual payments.

Simplify Processes

Send customers a Payment Link right from the Virtual Terminal, allowing them to enter their own payment information.

The Cost of Accepting Manual Payments

According to our survey, 27% of customers exceed payment terms and 81% of companies say their business is threatened due to a lack of cash flow.

Stop waiting for paper checks and electronically accept ACH and card payments with a Virtual Terminal, which allows you to quickly process payments from mail, email and phone. Without the need for coding, you can be up and running quickly.


Web-Based Application

Use our system to process payments received via phone or email – there is absolutely no need to code.

Payment Link

Virtual Terminal also allows you to send customers a link so they can enter their own payment details.

100+ Currencies

Virtually accept payments from your customers wherever they are in the world.

Accept More Payments

Enter the information for ACH and card payments, or use the Payment Link to accept even more payment types.

Reduce Your Costs with Local Card Acquiring

Capturing global sales can expand your business and increase your revenue, and we understand what it takes. With BlueSnap, we eliminate cross-border challenges, enabling you to fully capitalize on customers in other regions. You can accept payments in over 200 geographies, take advantage of our global network of banks and benefit from local card acquiring in 47 countries. With local card acquiring, your authorization rate increases and you and your customers avoid unnecessary fees.


Single Integration Functionality

Virtual Terminal allows you to enter electronic payment details via the web.

Options for configuring the Virtual Terminal you want by adding, removing or defining custom fields.

Send a Payment Link for customers to enter their own payment details with a set or open amount.

Save payment information to make completing future transactions faster.

Build with Confidence

BlueSnap provides robust, clear documentation and offers live support so you get the answers when you need them.

Visit the BlueSnap Developer Hub to get started.

Get the credentials you need with a BlueSnap account.

Access in-depth reporting and important information.

Easy access to the important documentation you need.

Walkthroughs for leveraging our payment functionality.

Quick answers to common questions about BlueSnap.


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