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Embedded Payment Solutions for Healthcare Platforms

Embedded Payments – The Remedy for Your Healthcare Platform

Managing payments for providers is complex. You need to think of how your clients’ patients would like to pay, whether payments are one-time payment or recurring and that you’re enabling an efficient payment process. BlueSnap’s compliant, friction-free healthcare payment solution can help.

Comprehensive Payments for Your Providers

Improve the Customer Experience

Allow your clients’ patients to pay in their preferred method or currency – we provide 100+ payment types and 100+ currencies.

Increase Your Platform’s Value

Offer robust payment capabilities to your clients and enable them to manage their businesses from a single solution.

Reduce Technical Debt for You & Your Clients

With a single integration, you and your clients get unified reporting and everything else you need to process healthcare payments built in.

Eliminate Reporting Errors

Our Global Payment Orchestration Platform allows you to customize reporting for the way your providers would like to view and use it.

Benefits for Your Healthcare Platform

Own Your Payments

Choose from an array of BlueSnap solutions to customize the payment experience for your providers. Integrate with our API to customize branding, unique checkout flows and more.

Create the Right Payment Experience

You know what your providers need and how they should be supported. You can provide the payment support or let BlueSnap take the lead – depending on the solution you choose.

Benefit from Compliant Payments

We know compliance and security are important. Our feature-rich healthcare payment solution meets the required PCI Level 1 compliance and offer fraud fighting and DDOS mitigation.

Customize Payment Options

Whether your healthcare providers collect one-time payments, recurring payments, payments over the phone or any combination, enable them to select the best option for their needs.

Simplify Reconciliation with Robust Reporting

Provide sophisticated reporting capabilities through our Reporting API and deliver the ability to manage all aspects of payments and simplify reconciliation through a comprehensive view.

“BlueSnap has a high fidelity towards compliance. When you’re dealing with patient payments and the business revenues of multiple parties in a single transaction, it’s important to have a partner that has that orientation.”

– Sean Hanlon, CEO, CoFi

BlueSnap Embedded Payments – Just What the Doctor Ordered

BlueSnap’s Embedded Payments offers three different options to create the payment product you want for your providers. You get to enjoy all the benefits of offering payments by leveraging our expertise and technology.

Healthcare Payment Features

A Robust Payment Experience for Providers

With our Payment Orchestration Platform, you get everything you need built-in to develop a tailored experience that supports your clients.

Bring Your Solution to Market Quickly

Code directly to our API to customize the experience for providers and patients based on their needs. Leverage our onboarding, reporting and payment processing APIs.

Expedited Onboarding for Your Providers

Efficiently onboard and verify providers so they can start processing transactions quickly, using the API or through BlueSnap’s hosted solution. We’ll even migrate your existing portfolio.

Risk & Underwriting Solutions

With Risk and Underwriting Staging, you’re in control and can mitigate the risk you take through each step of the underwriting process.

Grow Global, Stay Local

Get instant global scale with the advantage of local payment processing. With 100+ currencies and 100+ payment methods, you’ll be able to service providers around the globe.

The Need for Digital Healthcare Payments [Infographic]

Embedded Payments: The Revenue Your B2B Platform Is Missing

Payments, Powered by People

Let a BlueSnap Payments Expert show you how the Global Payment Orchestration Platform could improve your bottom line.