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Optimized Payments for Online Retailers

Grow Your Retail Sales with the Right Payment Solution

With BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform you get payments optimized for higher authorization rates and lower costs, along with value-added services you can customize for your business.

A single integration to BlueSnap gives you access to everything you need to make the most out of online retail payments, including fraud and chargeback management, tax and compliance, and unified global reporting. Our modular technology allows you to turn functionality on and off,  by country, by product, by issuer and more.

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A Comprehensive, Scalable Retail Payment Solution

Increase Authorization Rates

Intelligent Payment Routing automatically routes transactions for the highest likelihood of approval, minimizing decline rates and maximizing sales.

Reduce Checkout Abandonment

With local languages, currencies and payment methods, you’ll greatly reduce the potential for checkout abandonment and improve your bottom line.

Increase Sales & Expand Your Global Footprint

With 100+ payment methods and 100+ currencies, you can sell into over 200 regions. Adding new locations and currencies is just a few clicks away.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Take advantage of local card acquiring in 47 countries, resulting in savings that directly impact your business.

Simpler Reconciliation & Payouts

Consolidate multi-currency reconciliation for easier reporting. We can payout into your account in 18 like-for-like currencies.

Eliminate Technical Debt

With a single integration, you get one account, unified reporting and everything else you need to collect payments globally.

“The payments industry moved to an oversimplified version that is digitally elegant, but if there’s any assistance needed, they’re not always there. BlueSnap has a team of people — not just one — who engage with us. You really don’t see that with others.”

– Bruce Cran, CEO, DFO Global

Ways to Accept Payments

You need to be able to accept payments the way your customers want to give them: online, mobile, on-the-go, over the phone. And sometimes your business dictates different scenarios, like invoice payments, subscriptions, recurring billing and marketplace payments.

BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform supports all the ways you want to accept payments while helping you to increase your revenue, reduce costs and scale your business. However you accept payments, BlueSnap offers the technology and expertise to help you increase your authorization rates, decrease abandonment, avoid unnecessary fees and reduce technical debt.

Intelligent Payment Routing for Sustained Revenue Growth

With BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing, our processing engine automatically analyzes buyer characteristics – such as currency, issuing country and payment type – to route the payment to the bank to most likely to approve that specific transaction. This minimizes declines and maximizes revenue gains, growing your sales — now that’s payment optimization!

Increase profit margins by 6% on average by reducing fees.

Built-In Fraud Prevention Tools That Preserve Your Business

When it comes to digital payments, it is hard to find the right balance between risking fraud and restricting sales. BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform, with Kount’s award-winning fraud prevention solution built-in, makes it possible to verify legitimate customer transactions while declining suspicious transactions. This optimizes your revenue while safeguarding your company.

Don’t Accept Chargebacks As a Cost of Doing Business

Chargebacks cost you valuable revenue and can have a lasting negative impact on your business. That’s why you need to choose a payments platform that offers a comprehensive chargeback management solution that allows you to monitor and dispute chargebacks before they even occur. With BlueSnap, you can track trends and optimize your data to target disputed transactions and recover lost revenue.

Understand Your Conversions Better

BlueSnap offers a number of payment conversion reports to provide in-depth analysis into your authorization results – other payment solutions don’t do this. View conversion rates by value, network, issuer and BIN and other properties.

Retail Payment Features

A Robust Modern Payment Experience

With our Payment Orchestration Platform, you get everything you need built-in to develop a tailored experience that supports your clients.

Payment Optimization

With one integration to BlueSnap, you get a suite of tools to help you increase your sales, reduce your costs and realize a true ROI.

Grow Global, Stay Local

Get instant global scale with the advantage of local payment processing. With 100+ currencies and 100+ payment methods, you’ll be able to service clients around the globe.

Improved Customer Experience

Develop an intuitive checkout experience and provide a seamless interaction for your customers.

Fraud Prevention & Chargeback Management

BlueSnap’s platform comes with leading fraud prevention technology and chargeback management built-in, so you can protect your revenue.

Built-In Security

Keep data and payments secure with tokenization and our fully compliant platform. We meet the highest industry standards.

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Payments, Powered by People

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