Global Payments Chargeback Management

Reduce Chargebacks & Recover Revenue for Sustainable Business Growth

Don’t Accept Chargebacks As a Cost of Doing Business

Chargebacks cost you valuable revenue and can have a lasting negative impact on your business. That’s why you need to choose a payments platform that offers a comprehensive chargeback management solution that allows you to monitor and dispute chargebacks before they even occur. With BlueSnap, you can track trends and optimize your data to target disputed transactions and recover lost revenue.


of chargebacks are caused by friendly fraud. BlueSnap has the fraud prevention and chargeback management tools you need to prevent chargebacks from happening and then to win disputes when they do.

Prevent Chargebacks from Compromising Your Business

Protect Your Business

Prevent chargebacks before they happen to avoid lost revenue and higher fees.

Preserve Revenue

Protect your sales by fighting chargebacks and reducing revenue loss.

Streamline Operations

Save time with user-friendly dispute management solutions so when you fight, you win.

A Chargeback Solution to Help You Retain Revenue

Loss of revenue is a costly aspect of chargebacks and we know it’s an all-too-common occurrence. Not only can chargebacks reduce your overall revenue, but they can also reduce internal productivity forcing employees to focus on disputing chargebacks rather than their daily tasks.

Through a partnership with industry leader Chargebacks911 and our dedicated team of experts, we work with our merchants to discover the source of a chargeback and determine the best course of action to dispute and win.

BlueSnap and Chargebacks911 can provide valuable insights and tools for monitoring and fighting chargebacks and recovering potentially lost revenue.


Chargeback Prevention

We provide a comprehensive strategy focused on checkout, fulfillment and post checkout to help you avoid chargebacks from ever happening.

Chargeback Support

Whether you’re managing your own chargebacks or BlueSnap is, we’re here to help represent and prevent chargebacks from occurring.

Fight Fraud Before It Happens

We employ a variety of card brand tools to identify and prevent fraud, and use fraud-fighting tools like Kount to identify transactions that are not legitimate.

Self-Service Dispute Management

Self-Service Dispute Management is best for companies that have staff solely focused on disputing chargebacks. With this option, you get Chargebacks911 technology and powerful tools to manage and build your dispute cases.

  • The system guides you through creating a chargeback representment submission.
  • Easily manage the workflow of dispute cases, assign cases to specific members of your team, submit chargeback representments and view their statuses and outcomes.

Industry-Leading Chargeback Management

BlueSnap has chosen Chargebacks911 because of its comprehensive dispute management platform with built-in capabilities. You can access the advanced mitigation services right through BlueSnap’s Payment Orchestration Platform. The seamless integration between BlueSnap’s Payment Orchestration Platform and Chargebacks911 provides access to the chargeback dispute process and provides you with comprehensive reporting, analytics and the opportunity to have the dispute process managed fully by our team of experts.

Merchants of all sizes can have access to the industry’s most advanced chargeback prevention and revenue recovery solutions.

Reduce Chargebacks & Fraud with BlueSnap

BlueSnap employs a variety of tools to help identify fraudulent activity and potential chargebacks, mitigating the impact on your business. Best of all, BlueSnap will handle the dispute process and refund the customer for you so you can focus on your business.

Rapid Dispute Resolution

With Visa’s Rapid Dispute Resolution, chargebacks are automatically prevented before they can have a negative impact on your business. RDR offers merchants the ability to resolve disputes immediately and refund the shopper. This can help reduce your overall chargeback count and protect your business.
Merchants can use Visa’s rule-based decision engine to define rules to identify transactions they deem as fraudulent in real-time, reducing potential disputes.


Fraud & Chargeback Fighting Capabilities for Your Back-Office

BlueSnap has Chargebacks911 built right into our Payment Orchestration Platform to enable you to fight chargebacks on your own or let BlueSnap take the lead. All you need to do is code directly into our API to receive chargeback and fraud-fighting capabilities.

Single Integration Functionality

Rapidly respond to chargebacks when they happen.

Proactively implement measures to stop chargebacks from occurring in the first place.

Gain visibility into the chargeback lifecycle and get detailed reporting.

Put best practices in place to keep your business from losing out on revenue.

Build with Confidence

BlueSnap provides robust, clear documentation and offers live support so you get the answers when you need them.

Visit the BlueSnap Developer Hub to get started.

Get the credentials you need with a BlueSnap account.

Access in-depth reporting and important information.

Easy access to the important documentation you need.

Walkthroughs for leveraging our payment functionality.

Quick answers to common questions about BlueSnap.


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