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Most Salesforce users love the CRM not only for all the ways it makes running a business easier, but also for all the ways it supports growth. If you could seamlessly add a payment processing solution to all that goodness—one that’s simple to use and actually helps you sell more—why wouldn’t you?

Why use a Salesforce payment gateway?

Salesforce payment processing is a natural extension of the tool’s purpose (managing business relationships throughout their life cycles) and a natural extension of what you do: sell.

Having more ways to accept payments from customers is a value-add, like having the ability to take orders as you’re talking with a customer on the phone rather than directing them to your website. (You’ll get paid faster, too!) Plus, accepting payments within Salesforce increases efficiency, automatically dispersing sales information throughout the Salesforce environment and triggering further action by the right parties when needed.

Why choose BlueSnap for your Salesforce payment gateway?

There’s no shortage of Salesforce payment options, but the BlueSnap All-in-One Payment Platform aligns with everything you love about Salesforce:

  • It’s a cinch to use. A single gateway integration gives you everything you need to process payments for the life of your business. That includes a Salesforce payment integration, a merchant account, and a host of advanced processing features, so there’s no searching for additional processing capabilities later. Simply turn on (or off) new functionality as you need it. No development necessary!
  • It encourages growth. Our powerful processing engine helps your company reach its full selling potential thanks to features like built-in fraud protection technology, intelligent payment routing, and in-depth reporting options. Plus, our global payment processing capability is the best in the business, allowing you to complete more successful transactions in more countries, and accept up to 100 different currencies!
  • It’s frequently updated. We’re dedicated to continual improvement, so we regularly release updates and new functionality throughout the year to reflect the latest best practices in the payment industry, and to make our solution even easier to use.

Interested in what payment processing looks like inside Salesforce? Take a look below.

Take advantage of easy, powerful payment processing with the BlueSnap Salesforce integration!

BlueSnap Payment Processing In Salesforce

We partner with AppFrontier—the largest Salesforce payment gateway connector—to integrate with Salesforce using a tool called Chargent. Our integration gives you the ability to process credit, debit, and ACH transactions globally, with secure and frictionless checkout.

From the main dashboard, it’s easy to take orders within Salesforce over the phone. Bringing up a new Chargent order give you a simple form to fill out as you’re talking with customers. You’ll see the Chargent interface on your screen, but the processing is handled by BlueSnap.


Or, if your process allows customers to fill out payment information on their end, you can send a pay request via email that includes a secure payment link.

You can also easily view your recent transaction history from the main dashboard simply by clicking “Transactions.”


Details for all recent transactions are also readily available.


Want more information about how Salesforce payment processing works with BlueSnap?

Get in touch! There are no setup fees or long-term contracts when you choose us, and we’re happy to help with the integration process—or anything else. Start making the most of Salesforce today with BlueSnap payment processing!


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