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With our new BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite SuitePayments app, built using the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform, more businesses can easily accept payments from their customers, wherever they may be. This app is designed to help businesses meet their goals for growth and expansion without having to work with multiple payment vendors or dedicate already taxed development resources for implementation and maintenance of those technologies.

“As more businesses grow their global footprint, there is increased need for payment features that can support both global and domestic markets,” says Manny Pansa, BlueSnap’s Senior Vice President, Product & Solutions Engineering. “Building on NetSuite’s payment management features, the BlueSnap SuiteApp helps reduce payment friction, increase authorization rates and consolidate all payment data within NetSuite.”

In addition to its ease of use, this SuitePayments app is designed to help NetSuite customers optimize their payments. BlueSnap’s payment functionality is designed to improve transaction approvals and lower costs with Intelligent Payment Routing, failover and our extensive network of global banks. It also has the flexibility to support the different ways you would like to accept payments. Features include:

  • The ability to accept multiple currencies and payment types, including debit and credit cards, ACH, Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), BECS Direct Debit, iDeal, PayPal, Sofort and Google Pay, with Apple Pay and SEPA coming soon
  • Auth and Capture (Cash Sale)
  • Returning shopper
  • Intelligent Payment Routing to increase approved transactions
  • Global network of banks to improve authorization rates and costs
  • Local Card Acquiring in 47 countries, reducing the costs associated with selling cross-border
  • Level 2 and 3 data processing provides robust insights to lower costs per transaction
  • Redundancy & Failover built-in so if one bank declines a transaction, we automatically route it to another for approval
  • Sync NetSuite PO to MTI field, so it can be passed between systems to tie transaction together
  • Extensive reporting and payment analytics so you can quickly dive into critical payment data within NetSuite
  • Chargeback management tools
  • 3D Secure
  • Built-in fraud prevention and risk management
  • Enhanced fraud protection using Device Data Collector

The BlueSnap app was created under the Built for NetSuite program. As a NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partner, we built the app with the specific information, resources and methodology required to verify that it meets NetSuite’s standards and best practices. NetSuite customers can rest assured that the payment functionality will work as expected.

“Global businesses need scalable systems to help them thrive in today’s competitive market,” says Guido Haarmans, Group Vice President, SuiteCloud Developer Network and Partner Programs for Oracle NetSuite. “This new SuiteApp extends our robust solution for global payments and can help NetSuite customers with the flexibility and tools they need to grow market share wherever they do business.”

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