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NetSuite – possibly the most well-known ERP & CRM solution in business – provides your company with numerous solutions to assist in day-to-day operations. It supports planning, accounting, eCommerce and more. Choosing the right SuitePayments integration to further expand the tool’s capabilities can elevate your business and streamline operations.

With numerous SuitePayments options, how do you know if you’re choosing the right one? Consider these 3 questions to figure out what will work best for you.

Do You Do Business in 2 or More Countries?

If your business sells internationally, higher costs could come from cross-border fees and operational debt. Businesses selling cross-border incur up to an additional 2% in interchange fees on top of what they already have to pay to process payments. By working with the right payments provider, you can leverage local card acquiring, which processes the payments as if they were local, helping you to avoid unnecessary fees. If you have to use multiple payment providers to have all the currencies and payment types to support your global customers, then the operational costs of managing them and compiling reporting can also impact your company.

Look for a single payment provider that has the currencies you need and that can connect you to a network of acquiring banks to help you avoid unnecessary cross-border fees.

BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite, for example, supports multiple currencies so you can sell to your customers wherever they are. While many payments providers board each merchant to a single bank, one connection to BlueSnap provides access to local card acquiring in 47 countries.

In addition to lowering costs, this also helps to improve your transaction authorization rates, meaning more revenue for your business. Our extensive banking network also enables our proprietary Intelligent Payment Routing and failover. We route transactions to increase the likelihood of approval and even analyze thousands of transactions to further optimize conversions. If a transaction is declined, we automatically fail it over to another for approval to capture that revenue. We also employ Leve 2/3 data to help you optimize your payment acceptance and verify legitimate transactions. This feature incorporates a variety of currencies, allowing you to expand where you sell while providing customers with the security they need. This means more sales for you and a better checkout experience for your customers.

Do You Need the Ability to Support Multiple Ways for Customers to Pay?

Growing businesses need more payments functionality to support that growth, whether it’s adding new payment types or more ways for your business to accept payments. You need a scalable solution that can provide you with a wide range of options that support how and where you’d like to offer your products or services.

Our BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite SuiteApp is designed to support multiple uses cases for B2B and B2C payments, including:

  • Domestic payments
  • Global payments
  • Invoice payments
  • Subscriptions & recurring billing
  • Virtual terminal

With our app, you can choose almost any way you’d like to accept payments, giving you access to diverse functionality that will help your business grow. However you choose to leverage this single, comprehensive solution, it can transform how your payments from being a cost inhibitor to a strategic tool that increases your ROI.

Are You Using Additional Services to Support Your Payments?

Your business most likely needs a variety of tools to help with your day-to-day and quite possibly your end-of-year. Whether that’s fraud monitoring, security, tax support or reporting, these are important tools that should not be overlooked. You should consider if you want to work with multiple providers or if you would prefer to work with a single app that has everything you need built in.

With BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite, you can choose from a variety of features to support everything you need to meet your payment requirements. You have the opportunity – if you choose – to take advantage of our value-added services for fraud prevention, compliance and taxes, and unified global reporting. In fact, our payments reporting is accessible right in your NetSuite dashboard, so you can get all the information you need to run your business in one place. All these capabilities – and more – are built directly into our BlueSnap Global Payments for NetSuite SuiteApp to help you run your business more efficiently. Choose to use all of them or just the ones you need.

Our SuiteApp also has top-notch security features built in to make processing transactions secure for you and your customer, including PCI Level 1, GDRP and PSD2 for the EU and UK. To make things even easier, BlueSnap is fully compliant with all privacy, security and card scheme rules so you know your business meets industry standards. We understand that a secure payment experience is necessary, so we make sure to provide you with frictionless payment authentication across a variety of solutions to keep customer data safe.

Reducing costs and increasing revenue, scalability for multiple use cases and flexibility are all things that the right SuitePayments provider can support. If you answered yes to these questions and are interested in learning more, contact BlueSnap today to learn how we could be the right SuitePayments provider for you to use with NetSuite.

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