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Did you hear the big news?

BlueSnap recently launched our new Integrated Payments for Platforms product to help integrated software vendors like yours achieve effortless global growth.

The new offering includes two key features to help you scale your platform and delight your customers all around the world:

  1. Partner Onboarding API: This REST-based, easy-to-integrate API allows you to onboard your global customers with maximum efficiency and minimal risk to your business.
  2. Partner Portal: This feature gives you greater visibility into your integrated payments program with BlueSnap.

In part one of our two-part series, we discussed the Partner Onboarding API and how it can help global businesses onboard their new customers as quickly, easily, and securely as possible. If you haven’t read part one yet, be sure to check it out here.

Once you’re all caught up on part one, let’s dive into the Partner Portal, how it works, and why it will benefit your business.

Partner Portal: Complete Visibility and Control Over Your End-to-End Integrated Payment Platform

Every ISV wants to offer the best possible product to their customers.

As your business grows around the world, you need to continue to innovate to differentiate your product from the competition — and one of the best ways to do that is to extend your product offering into the world of global payments.

Enter: Integrated Payments.

BlueSnap’s Integrated Payments for Platforms product enables ISVs to embed payments directly into their software, so your customers can easily accept payments and get paid without having to generate manual invoices.. This works wonders for the user experience, improving the overall functionality of your platform and simplifying every aspect of your business processes.

Additionally, using the BlueSnap Partner Portal, businesses can view their monthly earnings from their customers transactions.

In other words, the Partner Portal enables you to:

  • View the status of your customer pipeline and portfolio
  • Manage and access your marketing assets
  • View the progress of opportunities
  • View active customers
  • See a view of your monthly earnings

… and more.

The Integrated Payments for Platforms allows you to design a frictionless checkout flow in your platform, and the Partner Onboarding API allows you to automatically onboard your customers no matter where they are. With all of these innovative features, you get everything you need to make payments flow.

If that weren’t enough, the Integrated Payments for Platforms Product also gives you access to all of BlueSnap’s powerful, global payments features, including:

  • Connections to 30 global banks and the ability to process payments in over 100 payment types and currencies
  • An intelligent payment routing system to increase successful transactions
  • Built-in fraud-fighting technology from industry leader, Kount
  • Flexible payment offerings to match your business model, including online and mobile payments, subscriptions, marketplaces, and more

Scale Your Platform With A Payments Solution Designed to Grow With You

Successful ISVs put their customers first.

By integrating payments into your platform, you could begin delighting your customers all around the world. Our secure, comprehensive and fully-compliant payments solution gives you everything you need to manage your program with ease.

Interested in integrating with our All-in-One Payment Platform to accept more payments, sell to more global customers, and boost your business revenue? Chat with us today to get started.


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