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Do you want the flexibility and control over your payment process that an API affords—but without all the user interface (UI) development work that usually goes along with it? We’ve got you covered. In our quest to simplify all things payment-related, we’ve built a new, easy-integration tool that gives you exactly what you want: embedded checkout.

It’s the simplest way yet for developers to implement a flexible, customizable checkout form on their eCommerce sites. Interested? Here are the details.

What is embedded checkout?

Embedded checkout

It’s a checkout form that’s easily embedded into your website. The user experience is optimized to maximize conversions (that means revenue) by leveraging BlueSnap’s experience processing payments for thousands of merchants around the world. Because it works with BlueSnap’s Payment API, you have complete control over how/when cards are vaulted and charged. And the pre-built, configurable checkout form enables you to be up and running instantly without all the effort that goes into building the perfect checkout form for global eCommerce.

Using this option, you get a full payment form with customizable fields, including fields for shopper names, and billing and shipping information—whatever you need to complete an order.

Don’t add more gateways to get additional payment features—tell us what you need and we’ll give you everything, All-in-One!

Why use an embedded checkout page?

There are several good reasons, actually.

  • Embedded checkout gives shoppers the seamless appearance of staying on your site while they pay. Instead of being redirected to a different URL to check out, shoppers can securely provide their payment information on your own site, reducing friction in the checkout process.
  • It’s customizable. You can customize the form with your store’s colors, fonts, and logo. You can specify what fields should appear and even the style of the “Buy” button.
  • It encourages global sales, supporting checkout in 25 languages and 100 currencies around the world. Sites that offer a “local” payment experience increase the odds that international shoppers will complete their transactions.
  • Merchants who use embedded checkout have the simplest level of PCI compliance, SAQ-A.
  • And did we mention embedded checkout is incredibly easy to configure? (We did, but it bears repeating!)

Embedded checkout gives shoppers the seamless appearance of staying on your site while they pay. Click To Tweet

Capture More Payments With Embedded Checkout

Our support docs have all the details on how to implement our embedded checkout page—take a look. And if you have any questions, of course don’t hesitate to ask. Optimize your online store’s checkout flow with embedded checkout today!


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