Have you outgrown your payment solution? Check for these signs.

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As we know from our Progressing Payments Report, businesses are hampered by their manual accounts receivable processes. In fact, 80% of companies are threatened by late payments because of their manual AR processes, yet 99.7% of senior decision makers are optimistic and open to AR automation, with almost all stating that digital transformation would benefit their organizations.

So, we decided to ask business leaders which AR automation benefit would have the most meaningful impact on their organization, and here are the results:

Which one of these AR automation benefits would be most meaningful to your organization?

Forty-seven percent of respondents think AR Automation’s impact on customer satisfaction and retention would be the biggest benefit for their business. AR Automation definitely can help to increase customer satisfaction and retention by facilitating better communication and transparency around charges and invoices and making payments easier for your customers.

BlueSnap’s All-in-One Accounts Receivable Automation Software has a number of features, like the Customer Portal, the ability to Create, Manage & Automate Invoices, and BlueSnap’s robust Global Payments to help create the best customer experience possible that helps companies get paid faster.

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