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We talk to corporate CEOs, directors of eCommerce, and business owners every day here at BlueSnap, and we know how much you all have on your plates. We also know how many moving parts you juggle to keep your business profitable and successful — with payments being just one piece of a sizable, intricate puzzle.

At BlueSnap, it is our mission to deliver a singular payment solution that could help simplify your job — one that not only performs seamlessly (so you don’t have to focus on it) but also exceptionally (so you don’t have to second-guess it). And, there’s a simple solution that can solve your payment processing needs and keep your business growing:

The Global Payment Orchestration Platform

Get everything you need to process payments with just one payment gateway integration, simplifying the payment process dramatically. You’re also tapping into advanced features that create an exceptional buying experience, reduce development costs and maximize sales.

By connecting to our platform, you can:

    • Accept payments from any channel, including online and mobile sales, phone orders, email invoices, marketplaces, subscription billing, and manual orders. Using theGlobal Payment Orchestration Platform, more than 70% of our merchants have enabled an additional sales channel to accept payments!
    • Sell everywhere around the world. We support eWallets and credit cards as well as local payment methods and currencies used in almost every corner of the world.
    • Boost your revenue with powerful functionality.
      • Built-in, world-class fraud protection reduces your fraud-related losses.
      • Extensive reporting options allow you to analyze patterns and trends in your transaction history.
      • A mobile reporting app gives you access to any report, anytime, as well as the ability to manage and track payments.
    • Benefit form BlueSnap’s global bank network. BlueSnap has one of the largest global acquiring bank networks in the industry, powered by a proprietary Intelligent Payment Routing (IPR) engine that more than 52% of our merchants are currently benefitting from, and overcomes the inefficiencies that usually plague global sales transactions by providing significant advantages to our customers, including:
      • Reducing costs
      • Increasing sales

Plus, our platform comes with more than 100 integrations to customer relationship management (CRM) software (like HubSpot and Salesforce), shopping carts like Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, commerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Drupal, and ERP + CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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The Benefits of Consolidation

We found that more than 80% of our new customers were managing either multiple payment gateways, numerous platform integrations, or inconsistent checkout flows. Consolidating numerous payment solutions into one has many benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. By doing all your business with a single payment gateway you can take advantage of volume pricing discounts. You’ll also avoid wasting resources on multiple gateway development, upgrades, additions, and more.
  • Operational efficiencies. Having one gateway keeps internal processes simple, like those associated with issuing refunds, administering user accounts, and coding to fix errors or manage APIs.
  • The ability to grow globally. Partnering with a single global payments solution allows you to expand your business globally while avoiding costly cross-border fees both on your end and the shoppers’ end – leading to increased conversions. 
  • A consistent payment experience. You — and your customers — can count on the same experience for every transaction.
  • Greater visibility across channels. There’s no easy way to gain insight on business performance if you’re using multiple gateways. Switching to one gives you one set of reports to analyze for all markets and channels as well as greater visibility into payment data across business channels.

A Payment Solution That Grows With You

The Global Payment Orchestration Platform gives you the ability to turn on (and off!) functionality as you need it. We make it easy to enter new markets and verticals, which means you’ll never need more than a single payment gateway again.

The Global Payment Orchestration Platform is a better way to accept payments — are you interested in finding out more? Talk to us today about how your business can take advantage of it!

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