Drupal is content management software used to make websites and applications across a wide range of industries. Drupal’s flexibility and modularity sets it apart from competitors and allows users to easily create personalized, multilingual, robust websites.

If you use Drupal, you can connect your store to BlueSnap to securely accept ACH and card payments, and even offer subscriptions if you choose. With a single integration to BlueSnap, you’ll be connected to a global network of banks and have our built-in proprietary Intelligent Payment Routing to increase conversion rates no matter where shoppers are located. In addition, BlueSnap’s payment gateway vaults checkout information, so repeat customers don’t have to re-enter their details every time they come back, providing a convenient, seamless checkout experience for your shoppers.

Key Benefits of Using BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform with Drupal:

Accept More Payments Globally
BlueSnap’s payment solution for Drupal comes with our global payment processing capabilities. Multi-currency support helps you increase conversions on global sales by offering popular card payments and ACH.

Expert Security & Payment Fraud Protection
BlueSnap’s platform incorporates award-winning fraud solutions like Kount and Strong Customer Authentication like 3D Secure to help prevent potentially fraudulent transactions.

Analyze Payments with Detailed Reporting
We provide you with real-time data to track all aspects of conversion performance and view detailed sales reports by product and currency, declined transactions, user behavior and more. You have access to all reports 24/7 through your online dashboard.

Subscriptions to Boost Your Business
Utilize BlueSnap’s Merchant-Managed Subscriptions to manage your subscriptions through Drupal, but process the payments with BlueSnap. You’ll receive global payment processing capabilities and account updater to keep card information up-to-date.

Get Started with BlueSnap

Here’s What You Get with a BlueSnap + Drupal Integration

Global Payments:

  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Multiple Languages
  • ACH, Credit/Debit Cards
  • Auth Capture
  • Merchant-Managed Subscriptions
  • Vaulted Shopper

Payment Optimization:

  • Intelligent Payment Routing to increase approved transactions.
  • Global network of banks to improve authorizations and costs.
  • Local Card Acquiring in 47 countries, reducing the costs associated with selling cross-border.
  • Level 2 and 3 data processing provides robust insights to lower costs per transaction.
  • Redundancy & Failover built-in so if one bank declines a transaction, we automatically route it to another for approval.

Reporting & Reconciliation:

  • Extensive reporting and payment analytics to quickly dive into critical payment data.
  • Reporting API to efficiently pull data, and then parse it for your needs and push to your third-party tools.

Chargeback & Fraud Prevention:

  • Built-in fraud prevention and risk management
  • Device data collector

How to Get Started with the BlueSnap Drupal Payment Gateway Today


Login to your BlueSnap portal (Sign up with BlueSnap above if you don’t already have an account).


Activate BlueSnap on Drupal & you’re good to go!