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In this week’s BlueSnap Snapshot, we asked companies if they have a person specifically focused on payments, and 55% said no. This means that more than half of companies could be missing out on opportunities to optimize their payments strategy to increase sales and reduce costs. When companies consider payment processors, they should look for ones with the support and payments expertise to be a true partner that can help them get the most out of payments.

Here are the full results:

Weekly Snapshot: More Than Half of Companies Do Not Have Someone Focused Specifically on Payments

At BlueSnap, we know there is a better way. We built the All-in-One Payment Platform with everything a business needs to process payments worldwide – all accessible through our single integration. Local taxes and compliance? World-class fraud prevention and automated chargeback management? A single source of reporting that simplifies reconciliation? It’s all there.

We’re payments experts and can help you optimize your strategies to increase conversions, improve sales and reduce costs.

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