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Reducing friction at checkout is essential to any good checkout experience. Among the important considerations to reduce checkout friction is to offer the payment types your shoppers use most. With 173 million customers, PayPal is one of the top alternative payment types to accept online. Another consideration in reducing friction at checkout is the layout, style and design on the checkout pages. To address this, eCommerce merchants often prefer to use simple API’s which offer more control over the look and feel of their checkout pages. Need an easy way to accept PayPal while fully managing the checkout page style? Simple, use our API.


We have been adding support for alternative payment methods within our API and are happy to announce the availability of PayPal in the API. You can now reach those 173 million customers with a secure & frictionless checkout for PayPal while keeping all your payment methods flowing through a single integration.




How it works:

Your shopper is ready to purchase and elects to pay with PayPal. We call PayPal using the latest ExpressCheckout integration to setup and initiate this transaction. Your shopper will be redirected to PayPal to authenticate themselves as owners of the account, approve the transaction, and your shopper will then be redirected back to your site to provide one last final approval and the purchase is complete!


Additional features:

  • Guest Checkout supported – Giving your shoppers a true frictionless checkout experience! In case you don’t have your shopper’s details, but would like to retrieve and store their shipping details, we have included PayPal’s <no-shipping>, and <req-conf-shipping> parameters in our own API, which you can use to determine whether you want your shoppers to confirm their details during the PayPal checkout screens, which we then retrieve and store for future purchases.


  • Multicurrency – All your PayPal transactions will be funded directly into your PayPal account balances. If you have several currency balances, you can easily sync’ them in our platform, and then take PayPal payments in all of these currencies.


For detailed information about PayPal via the API, please refer to our Documentation:

Click here for our documentation

Watch this space, more payment methods and exciting functionality coming up!

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