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We are excited to welcome new customer Boston Madison Square Garden Club(BMSGC). BMSGC is a private membership boston_madison_square_garden_club_bluesnapClub for sports and special events enthusiasts. Centered at the TD Garden in Boston, BMSGC provides “a la carte” access to tickets for sporting events, family shows, and concerts for their members.


With a growing membership, and a recent transition to a new, all-inclusive Club management software system, BMSGC needed a better way to streamline their payments, and also improve the receivables process as a whole. We were able to provide BMSGC with a much more efficient and modern solution to payment processing.


By using our BuyNow Hosted Checkout pages, BMSGC was able to take their payments into the digital age. They were able to publish a series of pages appropriate for each membership base, therefore allowing people to pay online and, most importantly, on their phones. Our secure tokenization technology allowed the BMSGC team to easily keep track of who had paid along with other key data. For example, now future balances and fees can be billed automatically at the member’s request, eliminating the chance of a missed payment or the hassle of having to chase down someone with an outstanding account.


Additionally, BMSGC now has mobile optimized pages for their on-the-go clients who need a frictionless experience. Creating this easy user interface was key for BMSGC in terms of delighting their customers, and by using our hosted pages they are able to do just that.


We are so excited to be supporting a fellow Boston company! Please give the BMSGC a warm welcome.



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