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Anyone that accepts payments knows they are ever-changing and complex. In addition to constantly monitoring your payments to keep them compliant and safe, you should be considering how they can help you grow more revenue, whether that’s supporting additional use cases (like recurring payments), driving expansion into new regions, streamlining your payment process for customers or anything in between.

But the intricacies of payments can become complicated and daunting. It may seem like the only way to get everything to work would be to engage with multiple processors and vendors. All of this drains development resources, creates operational inefficiencies and costs your business money. Luckily, there is a better way.

At BlueSnap, we’ve worked with countless businesses to help simplify the complexities of payments and get an actual return on their investment. Our Global Payment Orchestration Platform enables businesses to optimize payments wherever they sell and benefit from value-added services – all through a single integration. Let’s dig in a little deeper into the benefits of payment orchestration.

Increased Authorization Rates & Reduced Fees

With BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform, we strive to help you drive your revenue growth with payments as much as possible. We’ve designed our technology to reduce the associated costs and increase your authorization rates with payment optimization.

If you’re not optimizing your payments, you’re likely facing unnecessary fees, missed sales and a reduction in your total return on investment. You need a solution that:

  • Enables you to accept local and alternative payment methods to increase sales by decreasing checkout abandonment
  • Uses tokenization, account updater, failover and Intelligent Payment Routing to optimize payments and improve authorization rates
  • Has an extensive network of banks with multiple options in each region where you sell to increase the likelihood of transaction approvals – and at the lowest cost possible

BlueSnap’s platform includes all of this. We offer 100+ currencies and global payment types so your customers can always pay the way they want to. We also partner with banks around the world with multiple options in each region so we can always route transactions to the bank where they have the highest chance of approval with the least possible fees. To further increase successful transactions, we’ve built redundancy and failover, so if one bank declines a transaction, we automatically route it to another for approval. This is all made possible by our proprietary Intelligent Payment Routing, unique to BlueSnap. This feature plays a crucial role in helping you get the most out of your payments. We also include key features such as tokenization and account updater to further increase approved transactions.

Multiple Use Cases Supported

Another important aspect of our Global Payment Orchestration Platform is its ability to support multiple use cases, meeting the needs of both B2B and B2C businesses, including:

  • Domestic payments
  • Global payments
  • Invoice payments
  • Embedded payments
  • Marketplace payments
  • Subscriptions & recurring billing
  • Virtual terminal

Our vision is to make payments simple and more efficient for your business. We support the ways you want to accept payments today and as your business grows. You shouldn’t have to onboard new vendors every time you have a new need.

However you choose to leverage this single comprehensive solution, it can transform how you accept payments from being a cost inhibitor to a strategic tool that increases your ROI.

Modular, Value-Added Services

Value-added services are built right into our platform, and they are completely modular so you can choose which ones you’d like to use. They all have a single purpose: to help your business run more efficiently.

You get to choose which value-added services you’d like to use to support your payments, including:

  • AR Automation to Improve Your Cash Flow: Digitalize the entire AR workflow from quote to cash. Our tools are designed to help you reduce your DSO and boost productivity. We enable you to improve your cash flow to get paid faster and increase customer satisfaction by making it easier for your clients to pay.
  • Chargeback Management to Reduce Lost Revenue: We understand how frustrating chargebacks can be and the potential of lost revenue they cause. Our chargeback solution helps you recover potentially lost revenue with alerts, RDR and dispute management. We help you take action and save more revenue.
  • Fraud Monitoring & Prevention to Keep Your Sales Safe: BlueSnap partners with industry-leading fraud prevention service, Kount, to help you verify legitimate customer transactions while declining suspicious transactions. This optimizes your revenue while safeguarding your company.
  • Tax Support to Keep Your Business Compliant: We’ve built Avalara’s tax solution right into our Payment Orchestration Platform to ensure you are compliant with your business’s tax requirements. Avalara automatically calculates and charges tax on individual customer purchases and has the capability to submit and file taxes on your behalf.

These modular solutions, which you can choose to use or not, are built-in to increase your efficiency. Whether you have a trusted provider that you prefer to use or are looking for new solutions to manage your day to day, BlueSnap can help.

Reduced Technical Debt

Businesses often have to contract with multiple payment vendors or accounts to support everything needed for payments, whether it’s for selling into different regions or supporting different use cases. This becomes a maintenance challenge for your developers and an operations challenge for the business. One small compliance change necessitates updating every system and account you use. Additionally, reporting and data can be difficult to pull together and reconcile between systems.

But with BlueSnap, the process is much simpler. It just takes one integration to the Global Payment Orchestration Platform, for multi-country support, multiple use case support, and access to the payment types and currencies your customers want. Plus, our technology is completely modular, and features are built-in so you can turn functionality on and off as you need it – by country, by product, by issuer and more.

You may currently sell domestically, but what if you want to expand to another region? That’s not a problem with BlueSnap. We provide popular payment types and methods for over 200 regions, letting new customers pay how they want. Our Global Payment Orchestration Platform is designed with your business in mind to help you increase your revenue and grow globally if you choose.

A Payment Platform to Simplify Your Needs

Our Global Payment Orchestration Platform is just that. We provide comprehensive global and domestic payment capabilities with completely modular value-added services. These two aspects of our platform can provide you with powerful tools designed to help you:

  • Increase authorizations and lower costs
  • Support multiple use cases
  • Benefit from value-added services
  • Reduce technical debt

When all combined in a single payment solution with smart logic, you can see a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is payment orchestration?

Payment orchestration is the back-end management of the full payment process from start to finish. A payment orchestration platform simplifies the complexities of payments, giving companies full control to manage payments, allowing for differences by country, by product, by issuer and more.

What is AR automation?

AR automation, or accounts receivable automation, is the process by which manual accounts receivable tasks such as producing, sending and uploading invoices are instead handled by software. AR automation software can handle the entire accounts receivable process, allowing you the ability to automate any task you’d like to optimize.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is the process initiated by a cardholder when they contact their issuing bank to dispute a transaction on their account. Once initiated, the funds are debited from the merchant and returned to the shopper. A chargeback can be initiated for reasons such as fraud, goods damaged/not received, etc.

What is fraud prevention?

Fraud prevention involves using tools to help analyze customer data and purchase behavior on every transaction to identify and stop fraudulent orders, and to reduce false positive rates.

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