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Last week, I was lucky to attend SaaStr Annual 2022 with a group of energetic colleagues from BlueSnap. Our goal was to talk to software platforms about how embedding payments into their technology can be a promising path to growth.

The event was filled with panels on scaling software platforms, marketing businesses and creating synergies within SaaS organizations. Companies like Confluent, Drift, Atlassian and more had sessions on the theme, and BlueSnap’s own SVP of Marketing and Partner Management Rachel Trueblood and VP of Marketing and Partner Strategy April Grudier joined the conversation, tying customer experience and building loyalty to the bottom line in their session, “3 Ways to Optimize Customer Experience with BlueSnap.”

Rachel and April shared real-life stories of how software platforms have optimized the customer experience with payments. Of course, this is very big topic, and 10 minutes was not enough to get as in-depth as they would have liked. If you’re interested in more information, get a copy of our whitepaper Embedded Payments: The Revenue Your B2B Platform Is Missing.

It was also interesting as we spoke with the software platforms in attendance, that many look at embedding payments functionality into their platforms as a feature their customers want, but they do not consider the revenue opportunity. We find that increasing revenue is one of the primary benefits of embedding payments into a software platform. Yet, I spoke to a number of SaaS leaders who were unsure of how to get started with monetizing payments.

From where I stand, embedding payments into your software platform is a no-brainer. It definitely helps to create a better experience for your clients. The more value you provide, the more they will depend on you. And this is something your clients want. According to 451 Research, software platforms’ clients would rather get payment functionality from the software they are already using than maintain an additional relationship. Even more, JP Morgan has found that platforms that embed payments see up to a 5-times increase in value per customer.

If you work with the right payments partner, embedding scalable payments into your platform can be done fairly easily without too heavy of a lift from your development team. When you partner with BlueSnap, how much you want to own your payments, how quickly you want to get to market, and the risk you want to take are completely up to you.

At BlueSnap, we offer three Embedded Payments and Payfac-as-a-Service solutions to meet you wherever you are on your payments journey, so you can get started quickly and then progress as you are ready.

  • BlueSnap Dash™: Our hosted, turnkey, Embedded Payments solution that gives you the fastest speed to market.
  • BlueSnap Relay™: Our quick-to-market, Payfac-as-a-Service, white-label offering shields you from risk while letting you brand your way.
  • BlueSnap Flex™: A branded Payfac-as-a-Service solution that leverages our API while you keep complete control.

If you’re interested in learning more about how embedding payments into your platform can put you on the path to growth, talk to one of our Embedded Payments Experts.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Embedded Payments for Platforms!

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