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Do you need a way to collect payments, donations, or subscriptions online while simultaneously collecting detailed customer information? Then you’re looking for JotForm—an easy-to-use online form builder—paired with BlueSnap—a complete (and equally easy to use!) payment processing solution.

Why JotForm?

JotForm lets you make a simple, attractive, customizable order or donation form for your business in minutes (literally). Just select a template, add your questions, and publish online. It’s a great way to collect payments if you don’t have a website, but still need to get paid.

You can also take advantage of JotForm’s advanced features—like auto fill, thank-you messages, email address verification, and more—to make your forms even more powerful. There’s also a form analytics feature that helps you keep an eye on how your forms are performing, and a dedicated support team at the ready 24/7 to lend a hand when you need it.

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Why choose BlueSnap for your JotForm payments?

A JotForm integration with BlueSnap empowers your business even more! There are plenty of JotForm payment gateway options to choose from, but not every gateway goes the extra mile to support your business.

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Our award-winning subscription engine makes it a breeze to collect membership payments and donations. And the BlueSnap All-in-One Payment Platform was designed to help you successfully complete more transactions than other gateways—providing your customers with a better checkout experience. Our built-in, advanced payment features work behind the scenes to optimize every JotForm payment so you can:

Increase your payment success rate for sales all over the world.

Most payment gateways partner with a single acquiring bank within their own country, but that arrangement sets international transactions up for failure because they have a higher probability of being flagged for fraud.

At BlueSnap we partner with 20+ acquiring banks all around the world. We also use intelligent payment routing to send every transaction to the bank most likely to approve it. The result is a higher payment success rate for you—and more satisfied customers in every region of the globe!

Prevent more fraudulent transactions.

Our payment platform incorporates world-class fraud prevention technology from industry leader Kount. (We partner with an expert because stopping fraudsters is completely different than processing payments!) Without using any additional IT resources on your end, our fraud engine analyzes every order placed through your online forms and delivers a highly predictive fraud assessment within about 350 milliseconds! That means you can effectively defend against fraudsters without any negative effect on the checkout experience. Not every payment gateway provides this superior level of built-in protection.

Find out more about how BlueSnap can help your customers purchase quickly and securely within your JotForm!

Make smart business decisions with more insightful reporting.  

Using our payment analytics tool you can analyze the critical eCommerce data that drives your business. Every transaction and every customer interaction is recorded down to the specifics. Data is accessible 24/7 either on your desktop or via our mobile app. Our clear, detailed reports can assist with running various areas of your business. For example, you can use the Payout Detail report for a transaction-level breakdown of your payout history, making the reconciliation process easier for you and your accounting team.

Get Started Using BlueSnap For Your JotForm Payments

As fast as you can get up and running with JotForm, you can start taking payments with BlueSnap. Simply open a BlueSnap account and add your credentials to JotForm to easily and securely start accepting payments on your form from anyone, anywhere in the world.jotform api

We know how important it is to choose the right JotForm integrations for your business. When it comes to payment processing, let us do the heavy lifting! With every “Buy” button clicked, you can rest assured that your online form builder and your payment solution are working overtime so you don’t have to. Learn more about BlueSnap-JotForm setup, or, if you’d like to know more about what we have to offer, feel free to get in touch!


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