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Furthering the BlueSnap mission to support frictionless checkout and maximized payment conversions, we are excited to announce the arrival of our first Android SDK. For merchants that want to collect payments inside a native Android application, this is the easiest way for you to integrate with BlueSnap. We’re nearing an inflection point where mobile is becoming the preferred channel for commerce. It is now critical for merchants to provide the same checkout experience on mobile that shoppers have become accustomed to on desktop.

The Payment Form

Our client-side SDK includes an elegant, thoughtful payment form which is the product of extensive research into checkout flow best practices with respect to shopper experience and payment conversions. It seamlessly handles local languages and currencies to support global eCommerce. And it artfully displays, error messaging, tax amounts, and shipping fields – guiding shoppers to order success. Additionally, it is possible to customize the SDK’s look and feel and override the default layouts and resources files according to merchant branding and preferences.


It is increasingly rare that merchants of any size want to take on the responsibility of securing credit card details. This shift inspired us to build Hosted Payment Fields, and the response from customers has been very enthusiastic. We’ve put the same technology to work in order to secure sensitive cardholder data with our Android SDK. Card numbers and security codes never reach merchant servers, and that limits the scope of PCI compliance to SAQ-A, the smallest questionnaire.

A Platform for the Future

Mobile payments innovation is happening at an incredible pace. Wallets are being steadily launched and re-launched, new technologies are being piloted, and payment providers are partnering to unlock value for consumers. This initial SDK release, which includes support for credit/debit cards and PayPal, is a first step toward a uniquely comprehensive mobile payment platform. We are prepared to add the most effective and most valued mobile payment technologies as they come to market, remaining committed to frictionless checkout and maximized payment conversions in every channel.

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