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Powerful functionality? Check.

Quick setup? Check.

Easy management? Check.

Seamless shopping cart? Check.

With capabilities like these, it’s no surprise that Magento’s eCommerce platform is one of the most popular in the world, hosting hundreds of thousands of business websites. If you’re one of those businesses, these capabilities are probably high on the list of reasons why you chose the Magento platform.

But a great eCommerce platform is only part of the secret to successful online businesses: to truly unlock the potential of your website, you need a payment solution that’s as powerful, seamless and easy to use as Magento itself.

That’s where BlueSnap comes in.

At BlueSnap, we’re all about making merchants’ lives easier, but we’re also serious about providing the necessary tools to enable business growth. That’s why our Magento extension was built to support Magento versions 2.2 and 2.3.x of both Commerce and Open Source platforms (formerly Enterprise and Community).

Together, Magento and BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform form a powerful partnership designed to fuel more sales. And that partnership just keeps getting better — we’re constantly improving and enhancing our integration by adding new features to ensure our gateway continues to be the best option for businesses using Magento’s shopping cart platform. That means everything from fraud prevention to global payment processing.

So don’t let payments hold you back by working with a limited provider. BlueSnap’s Magento payment solution is the best option for eCommerce merchants, hands down. Keep reading to learn why and discover all the features that can help you take your business to the next level.

How does the BlueSnap & Magento payment solution work?

Let’s start with the basics. Our All-in-One platform, combined with Magento, allows you to process payments by providing you with a payment gateway (of course) and a merchant account. Merchant accounts are crucial for easy setup and onboarding, but not all payment gateways provide them. Here’s how those features work:

  1. Payment gateway: This is the engine that captures your shoppers payment details, prevents fraud, and authorizes the transactions to enable sales for your business
  2. Merchant account: This is an account into which you transfer funds from your customers’ credit and debit card purchases after they’ve been processed

Together, these capabilities combine to provide you with all the features you need to scale your business. Of course, the main feature that you need from a gateway is payment processing — after all, that’s how you turn your eCommerce site into an eCommerce business that can handle transactions.

Payment Processing

Our All-in-One Payment Platform has a broad range of payment processing capabilities, all built into an incredibly robust shopping cart that improves the online checkout experience for your customers. BlueSnap’s Magento payment solution enables you to accept the following payment types:

  • Credit and debit transactions for all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blue, and JCB)
  • Apple Pay, so that customers can use a mobile wallet for easier checkout (did you know that over 40% of global iPhone users have activated Apple Pay?)
  • Splitit, which allows customers to pay in installments and removes the financial obstacle to shopper conversion

That means you can offer your customers a myriad of ways to pay, all while knowing that your payment processing is secure and compliant. For instance, our Magento payment solution supports 3-D Secure, so your payments will be fully compliant with PSD2. Our Platform even comes complete with built-in fraud prevention from Kount to ensure security and peace of mind.

Best of all, these payment types are all offered within your own checkout page (like the one from Corporate shown below) – the shopper never has to leave your store to complete a transaction.

Magento—BlueSnap Gateway Integration

Ease of Setup

Just like Magento itself, our payment solution is easy to set up. Simply go to the Magento Marketplace, download the BlueSnap extension and connect it to your Magento store. Once you’re connected, open the Settings page on the Magento console and configure your store to direct transactions to BlueSnap.

It’s as simple as that! Most merchants can start processing payments within a day or so of signing up; our implementation team can even walk you through the process of going live.

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Why is BlueSnap the best payment solution for Magento?

You’re not here for just the basics, and payment gateways that deliver bare bones functionality simply won’t cut it for businesses that are looking to scale. That’s why BlueSnap’s payment solution offers a huge breadth of advanced functionality, from security to powerful global payment capabilities, that boosts sales and encourages business growth.

Global Payment Processing

In today’s world of international eCommerce, rudimentary payment processing cuts you off from an enormous chunk of the market. If you aren’t able to accept global payments, you’re limiting your business’s potential to scale dramatically — check out this comprehensive report to see why the right payments provider with fraud built-in is key to expanding your brand’s reach.

BlueSnap’s payment solution for Magento comes with our unmatched global payment processing capabilities. Multi-currency support means you can increase conversions on global sales by accepting payment in over 100 currencies around the world. This also enhances the experience for your shoppers — they simply select their preferred currency from a drop-down box during checkout, and they’ll see, and checkout, in their preferred currency.

We also draw on an enormous international network to ensure that your checkout process is secure and scalable for a global audience. Intelligent payment routing increases transaction success rates by automatically routing transactions to the most appropriate bank in our extensive global network. (We partner with 30+ local banks around the world!)


Payment gateways by nature deal with sensitive customer data, which can cause a slew of issues for you if it’s not managed correctly. With BlueSnap, customer data never even reaches your servers — it’s stored on our secure server, which reduces your PCI scope to the simplest level of compliance.

But we don’t just protect your customers. We also protect you. Our All-in-One Magento payment solution comes with built-in, sophisticated fraud tools that analyze every transaction to help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. The BlueSnap team also helps you manage chargebacks and dispute those you think are invalid.


Our payments solution enables you to grow your business as efficiently as possible by offering in-depth payment analytics. The real-time sales data we provide lets you track all aspects of conversion performance and view detailed reports of sales by product and currency, declined transactions, user behavior, and more. You have access to all reports 24/7 through your online dashboard; or, you can also use our mobile reporting app to track and manage payments anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.


By choosing BlueSnap as your payment gateway for Magento, you get full access to the help and advice of our support team. Any time you have any questions, you can contact us, or take a look at our extensive Help & Support Center online, which has answers to most common questions, including developer and integration issues.

Our Magento payment solution adds all the power of BlueSnap’s top-tier payment platform seamlessly into Magento. So don’t just scale your business on a great platform — scale it with the best payment solution as well.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness

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