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All businesses need data to stay afloat. It supports daily operational requirements such as shipping product, managing inventory, providing customer service, and reconciling electronic payments as well as guiding management on more strategic issues such as product success, market performance, and investment opportunities.

The most innovative companies, the ones that are having the most success and causing the most disruption to their industry are continuously looking for ways to use data to optimize their operations, from the day-to-day to the strategic. This process often requires merging information from several sources into a common business intelligence tools from companies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Tableau.

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The Reporting API

To streamline the import of payments data to merchant BI systems, BlueSnap has developed an API to provide and automated way to retrieve real-time data.  The API can be used to retrieve data from the reports that are also available from the merchant portal, such as the Transaction Detail, Declined Transactions, and subscription reports. You can retrieve the data by sending a GET request with the report code and any relevant parameters. The response can be provided in either JSON or CSV format per your API request. And the API supports pagination for large data sets. You can read more about working the Reporting API in our developer hub.

Check back often because we’ll be continuing to add reports to the API in the next few months, giving you access to even more data. We’ve also integrated the Reporting API with Zapier, which is a great tool for synchronizing data across applications including BI tools, CRM systems, and more. If you are already using Zapier or interested in learning more contact us to become a beta tester of the integration.

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