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Google shows nearly 14 million results in a search for “things that make your life easier,” with the top hit promising 17 items that will give you some extra “me” time every day. A hosted payment page didn’t make the list, but I’d be willing to bet that almost every one of BlueSnap’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) merchants would put it on their own lists of awesome things that make their business lives easier—and better. (Merchants and developers need “me” time, too, right?)

What is a hosted payment page? Essentially it’s when the files associated with your online checkout page are stored on your payment provider’s servers—not yours. It’s almost like renting space elsewhere to handle the checkout process. The space itself can be customized to look consistent with the rest of your website, so the changeover is transparent to your customers. Hosted checkout pages are great for all types of merchants, especially when it comes to security and ease of use.

So how do hosted payment pages benefit SaaS companies in particular? Let us count the ways…

3 Ways A Hosted Payment Page Can Benefit Your SaaS Company

1. It makes going global faster and easier.

Because SaaS companies are distributing software and not physical goods, there are lower barriers to entering the global market. It’s reasonable to invest development resources into customizing a checkout page intended for your primary market, but satisfying customers around the globe introduces a slew of new concerns—how to handle multiple languages, accept multiple currencies, and customize pages for local payment types. How much development work are you willing to commit to your payment experience? If you don’t get it right, global sales will likely suffer.

To uncover the cause of suffering sales across the board, try our conversion calculator. Get an overall “score” on your checkout flow, and see how you stack up against competitors. 

A good hosted payment page should give you whatever you need for global sales, right out of the box. You’ll have the ability to process transactions in whatever languages you choose, for whatever countries you’re hoping to expand in, as well as access to local payment types and currencies. No massive IT efforts needed.

2. It handles multiple subscriptions with ease.

Many SaaS products involve subscriptions. A hosted payment page that’s integrated to a subscription engine makes managing them simple, especially if your software involves “per user” or “per license” subscriptions. You can also easily offer discounts and let shoppers change their payment method in the middle of a subscription. And circling back to reason number one, your hosted payment page allows you to offer those subscriptions globally, supporting the languages, currencies, and payment types popular in the countries where you’re doing business.

3. It can help combat fraud associated with free trials and digital products.

SaaS products are appealing to fraudsters. For one, many attackers use free trials to determine if a stolen credit card has been canceled. Completing this quick, simple transaction tells them if they can use the card elsewhere (or not). Then, if the credit card works, they can usually access the software immediately, leaving little time for the seller to detect fraud. (That’s in contrast to the sale of physical goods, where merchants have more time to uncover fraud before shipping.)

A top-notch payment processor can give you a hosted payment page that includes real-time fraud protection. (BlueSnap’s own fraud detector works in under .3 seconds!) It should be the first step in the process after a shopper clicks “buy,” giving you an immediate decision with a high degree of accuracy. Knowing right away when a transaction is fraudulent will prevent you from mistakenly giving away access to even small amounts of content or services.

The Benefits Don’t End There…

Security and ease of use are also among the list of benefits hosted payment pages provide. And those benefits apply to all merchants, not just SaaS companies.

  • Security—Because a hosted payment page resides on your payment processor’s servers, that means your customers’ credit card information does, too. That frees you from enduring regular security audits and endless worrying about hackers. (You’re welcome!) With a hosted payment page, credit card data security is out of your hands.
  • Ease of use—Have your developers find something else to do. Your payment processor will have already built the hosted payment page, and it should be easily configurable to your existing website. Your developers don’t have to design the form, add support for multiple payment types, or localize the page for different languages or regions. It’s all provided right out of the box.

Hooked on hosted checkout?

BlueSnap offers all of the above benefits with our BuyNow Hosted Checkout pages. Simply embed them into your site for a frictionless checkout experience—no development experience needed. These pages support custom fields defined by you, are supported by mobile and desktop, and can take you anywhere in the world you need to go. You can even define the look and feel of your page using our readily available Developer Docs.

Find out more about it, along with our payment processing features, on our website.

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