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As we say in our 2022 payment predictions eBook, we believe this year businesses will put a greater focus on optimizing their payments. Businesses will expect more from their digital payments, evolving them from a mere cost of doing business to a strategic driver that can impact their bottom line by increasing profitability. 

And we already see that companies are taking payments more seriously. Six months ago, we asked decision makers if their companies had roles dedicated to payments, and at the time, 55% said no.  

But payments are evolving, and when we asked this question again, now 58% of respondents say their companies have someone specifically focused on payments. Here are the full results: 

Do you have a person at your company specifically focused on payments?

At BlueSnap, we know payment optimization is key to helping your business increase sales and reduce costs. If you’re ready to put payments to work for your company, look for a payment partner with the technology and expertise to help you make it happen.  

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