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While many say cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream (the IRS now asks about it on tax forms), Bitcoin transactions accounted for less than 2% of all digital transactions in 2020.

What’s in store for the future of crypto currency payments?

This week we asked you about your company’s plans when it comes to accepting payments in crypto currency. While 11% of you accept payments in crypto currency today, 53% of you do not and have no plans to.

Here are the full results:

Do you accept payments in crypto currency?

As the All-in-One Payment Platform designed to help businesses increases sales and reduce costs, we understand the importance of allowing customers to pay in their preferred currencies and payment methods. That’s why we offer 100+ local currencies and 110+ local payment types, including popular eWallets – so we can support your sales in more than 200 geographies.

Cross-Border Digital Payments Survey

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