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More and more retailers are moving their businesses online, and many growing businesses and big brands are choosing Salesforce Commerce Cloud® (formerly Demandware) to power their eCommerce stores.

Of course, you want to make sure you select the right payment solution to use with Commerce Cloud. Payments are central to eCommerce, and you need to get them right. Without the right payments solution, you may not be able to reach the growth you expect.

Choosing a Commerce Cloud Payment Gateway

Payment processing is far more complex than simply the ability to handle transactions. Any payment gateway will enable you to capture payments from shoppers within the platform, but not all gateways will deliver a robust payments experience that considers things like:

  • The shopper experience
  • Payments security
  • Access to global markets

Choosing the wrong gateway can limit your potential with Commerce Cloud. You may expect seamless, borderless eCommerce but experience high shopping cart abandonment, difficulty selling internationally, high rates of fraud and more. Even if your gateway works for your needs initially, you may outgrow your payments provider, particularly as Commerce Cloud helps you scale your business.

In other words, to unlock the tool’s true potential and achieve the business benefits you’re looking for, you need the right Commerce Cloud payment gateway.

Here are five questions to ask when choosing the right payment solution to use with Commerce Cloud.

Is it built to integrate with Commerce Cloud?

The best payment gateway for Commerce Cloud is one tailored to the platform itself. Choosing a gateway with a pre-built Commerce Cloud plugin will save you time and money in development and make integration easy.

It’s also important to verify that the plugin will work with your license — if you’ve had an account for a long time, you may have an older license. Not all payment providers can accommodate older licenses, so make sure you look for one that does.

Does it meet your shoppers’ needs?

Any payments functionality you get must consider the experience for the end-user: the shopper.

For instance, does the payment gateway offer multiple payment types, including digital choices? What about eWallets, like Apple Pay and Google Pay? Remember that Commerce Cloud connects experiences across every platform, so your payment solution needs to as well.

Look for a gateway that’s built into Commerce Cloud, so you can offer a fully integrated, secure, branded checkout experience to shoppers.

Will it help your business grow globally?

Perhaps most importantly, you need to ensure that the payment gateway you choose will enable you to scale your reach. The right gateway will enhance Commerce Cloud and enable you to make the most of the platform, rather than hold you back.

That’s why you should select a payment platform that facilitates global payments — including the ability to accept multiple currencies, serve up local payment types and benefit from local payment processing. Global eCommerce is growing exponentially. Our recent eCommerce report found that 60% of shoppers come from outside the US, while 40% of US shoppers purchase from outside the country. It’s a market you don’t want to ignore.

You need a payments provider that can easily cater to shoppers from around the world.

Does it protect you from payment risks?

Rounding out this list of essential payment gateway features is whether or not the gateway you choose adequately protects you from risks, including both fraud and regulatory concerns.

This is a key differentiator: some Commerce Cloud payment gateways are limited, offering only transactional features rather than a complete end-to-end solution. For example, they may not come with fraud prevention technology, leaving you vulnerable or forcing you to integrate a separate solution. Similarly, a limited plugin may not have features like 3-D Secure to accommodate regulations like PSD2.

Is it just a gateway — or does it do more?

The main takeaway is that a basic payment gateway simply isn’t enough to deliver the features you need. If the gateway you’re considering does little more than enable payments — without accounting for things like risk, shopper experience and global markets — it’s not worth the effort to integrate it. To grow your business with Commerce Cloud, you need a payment gateway that can grow with you.

Meet BlueSnap’s Commerce Cloud Payment Gateway

With its latest upgrade, BlueSnap’s plugin for Commerce Cloud has evolved to much more than a payment gateway: it offers the full capabilities of our robust All-in-One Payment Platform. It’s a solution that unlocks the true potential of the Commerce Cloud by offering full payment capabilities, all with one powerful integration.

Together with the developers at Astound, we custom-built this tool to enable smooth eCommerce transactions within Commerce Cloud.

Our cartridge supports:

Essentially, you can take advantage of the BlueSnap payment platform’s functionality in one robust cartridge — it just happens to live within Commerce Cloud.

Check out our press release for more detail, and get in touch today to see how this plugin can benefit you.

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