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At BlueSnap, we’re always looking for a better way to streamline the customer experience and help businesses grow — and that’s why we’re delighted to announce our updated partnership and online payment gateway integration with BigCommerce, the leading platform for eCommerce template and app developers!

Retailers of any size can build a powerful online store with BigCommerce’s design themes, site customization, apps and business software integrations. Paired with BlueSnap’s All-In-One Payment Platform, BigCommerce has everything you need to grow your business around the world.

No need to box yourself into your old eCommerce solution and payment gateway; the BigCommerce-BlueSnap integration provides all you need to process global payments and fuel your business with a seamless online shopping experience. Let’s dive into some of BigCommerce’s main features and why it pairs well with BlueSnap’s payments solutions for enterprises, small businesses and B2B companies alike.

Simple Store Setup for the Best Possible Shopping Experience

BigCommerce’s store design platform is unique in that it’s one of the simpler, more scalable options on the market. The intuitive user interface is similar to Shopify’s, although BigCommerce works better for B2B and mid-market businesses in particular — and if you’ve outgrown your current eCommerce platform, BigCommerce has a migration tool to make it as easy as possible to convert your inventory catalog.

To add to that modern, seamless selling experience, the BlueSnap integration connects BigCommerce users to banks all over the world with a single account and integration — and intelligent payment routing ensures the best conversion rates. We enable the checkout page to present the price in the local currency, eliminating friction during checkout. That means better conversion rates and ultimately, more revenue for your business.

Find out more about how to scale your business with BlueSnap and BigCommerce!

Sell Your Way With a Wide Range of Payment Options

Unlike many other eCommerce solutions on the market, BigCommerce is all about choice. It offers a wide range of payment options, so you can choose the payment gateway that works best for your business. With the BlueSnap integration, retailers can sell their products all around the world, accept any major credit cards and optimize their checkout pages for local currencies.

That’s one way BigCommerce aligns well with BlueSnap’s values: We both know that when your business grows, we grow too. BigCommerce formed this partnership with BlueSnap because it recognized the strength of our global payment solution, and BlueSnap won’t lock you into contracts.


Scalability and Convenience to Convert More Shoppers

If BigCommerce’s beautiful storefront designs and best-in-class eCommerce tools weren’t enough, the platform is also the perfect option for retailers looking to increase sales and grow their businesses. The platform is mobile optimized with shipping options and cross-channel selling capabilities, making it a truly all-in-one solution.

With the BlueSnap online payment gateway integration, global BigCommerce retailers can create a seamless shopping experience built to drive conversions and encourage repeat customers. For example, our payment gateway vaults checkout information like credit card numbers and addresses, so repeat customers don’t have to re-enter their information every time they come back. Maximum convenience means higher conversion rates and a revenue boost for your company.

Ready to Get Started with BigCommerce and BlueSnap?

With an online payment gateway integration platform, you can easily and securely scale your business around the world. There are hundreds of payment gateway options for BigCommerce users, but in today’s digital economy, eCommerce is not limited by border. If you’re looking to sell globally, the BlueSnap payment solution is best — and it’s so easy to get up and running!

Once your BigCommerce store is set up, download the BlueSnap plug-in and contact us to open an account. Most customers are ready to start selling within 24 hours. To learn more about the BigCommerce-BlueSnap setup, contact us today.


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