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Although Auth.net may be one of the original payment gateway providers with a steady customer base, they’ve failed to keep up with recent technological advances. New, more efficient payment processing models have cropped up, and sticking with Auth.net’s out-of-date solution is a sure-fire way to fall behind.

Fortunately, BlueSnap’s modern payment processing service approach offers a smart alternative to Authorize.net. You could dramatically simplify (and often, reduce the cost of) your payment operations and create a frictionless customer experience by making the switch to our global payments solution.

By making the switch to BlueSnap, you could:

  • Take advantage of consolidated Gateway, Processing, and Merchant account services with a single integration. Access local processing around the world by connecting to our vast network of global banks via our All-in-One Payment Platform.
  • Develop a beautiful, frictionless payment experience using our easy-to-use RESTful API, built to support mobile-first development.
  • Support a wide range of emerging payment types, including eWallets such as Visa Checkout, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, and PayPal. BlueSnap invests heavily in new technology to ensure you have all of the payment functionality you need.
  • Capitalize on today’s eCommerce opportunities with BlueSnap’s simple onboarding, pricing transparency, greater global support, and emerging payment functionality.

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BlueSnap vs. Auth.net: Which is the Best Option for Your Business?

User Experience & Integration

APIsRESTful API with Hosted Payment Fields to reduce PCI scopeAPI
Hosted PagesDynamically localized hosted checkout pages, customizable branding and layoutSimple Hosted Pages
Virtual TerminalFull Virtual Terminal with email support for invoicesFull Virtual Terminal and invoice support
# of Languages291
Additional Ways to Accept PaymentsYes—Marketplaces, Subscriptions, Invoice Payments and Integrated Payments for PlatformsSubscriptions

Global Processing

Acquiring Banks for Local Payment Processing30+ globally, included with your merchant account to increase transaction approval rates worldwideA unique contract and integration with each bank you connect to. Requires unique connections for each region.
# of Currencies Accepted?1002 to 20, depending on the bank you connect to
# of Payment Types Accepted?110Major card brands and then PayPal wallets
Supported eWalletsAlipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, PayPal, Visa CheckoutPayPal, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay* (Dependent on support from connected Bank)
Intelligent Payment RoutingYes—up to 6% increase on card conversionsNo
Countries Supported for Business1805


Recurring PaymentsYes — plus a full subscription engine for more complex requirementsYes — recurring transactions only
Tokenization and VaultingYes. In addition, BlueSnap offers Hosted Fields for encrypting card data to enhance PCI protectionYes

Security and Compliance

Fraud ProtectionYes — partnered with Kount for industry best-in-class fraud prevention; 3-D Secure for SCAYes — homegrown solution
PCI CompliancePCI Level 1<PCI Level 1<

Pricing and Support

ReportingSales intelligence, payment conversion reporting, and consolidated reconciliation for all payment types and currencies. A mobile app gives you 24/7 access to data. A Reporting API to pull the data into the systems you already use.Limited sales intelligence and reconciliation. Requires additional work to connect to bank and processor reporting.
Customer SupportGlobal team with call-in support, email support, live chat, and implementation supportPrimarily US team with call-in support
Developer SupportRobust, easy-to-use documentation and a dedicated account management teamDeveloper.authorize.net
Rate2.9% for U.S. merchants; less than 4% for merchants outside the U.S. (rate varies by country), and no monthly fee if above $2,500/month. Volume discounts available.The rate is determined by the Bank. In addition, Authorize.net will charge a gateway fee. Typically, an invoice is difficult to interpret with multiple fees being applied to both the account and each transaction. The rate is determined by the Bank. Authorize.net will charge a gateway fee.
Per Transaction Fee$0.30The rate is determined by the Bank. In addition Authorize.net will charge a gateway fee. Typically an Invoice is difficult to interpret with multiple fees being applied to both the account and each transaction. The rate is determined by the Bank. In addition Authorize.net will charge a gateway fee.

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4 Reasons Why BlueSnap is the Smart Payment Processing Alternative to Auth.net

As your business grows, you need the power of multiple bank connections to maximize payment conversions — but Auth.net is limited to a single acquiring bank that you separately select and manage on your own. This traditional approach severely hampers your conversion opportunities and increases the likelihood of payment processing declines.

Contrarily, BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing leverages multiple global banks to ensure the highest possible transaction approval rates. Our All-in-One Payment Platform was designed to fight checkout abandonment and convert more global shoppers to buyers, which is why we also support payment processing in 100 currencies. This global functionality makes a stark contrast to Auth.net’s limited acquiring functionality.

With alternative payments predicted to account for as much as 50 percent of eCommerce sales by 2020, BlueSnap accepts a host of payment types ranging from cards to ACH and local bank transfers as well as local eCommerce payment options including global wallets such as Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Unlike BlueSnap, Auth.net (due to the competitive position of Visa – their parent) is not working to support all these emerging wallets, focusing instead on Visa Checkout and a few others.

1. Streamlined User Experience and Simple Integration

Checkout abandonment? Solved, with one connection to the All-in-One Payment Platform.

BlueSnap has invested heavily in developing a RESTful API that gives developers the control to build the right user experience while retaining the full power and functionality of the Platform. The result is a world-class set of payment services accessible through an elegant API that allows you to design the best checkout experience for your business — on desktop, mobile and beyond to embedded payment experiences.

The All-in-One Payment Platform can also support a full range of call center, email and invoice payments. Like Auth.net, BlueSnap’s platform provides virtual terminal solutions and other must-haves for businesses who run online self-service checkout alongside customer-assisted sales. This functionality allows for a simple transition from Authorize.net.

2. Powerful Subscription Management

BlueSnap offers recurring payment capabilities, plus a full subscription engine for more complex requirements — something you won’t find with Auth.net.

3. Maximum Security and Global Compliance

The BlueSnap platform includes a robust integration with Kount, the leading fraud and risk management solution in the eCommerce space. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of Kount, the All-in-One Payment Platform gives you maximum control over your fraud risk with options allowing you to:

  • Leave complete oversight of your fraud management to the experts at BlueSnap.
  • Customize rules through the configurable fraud module.
  • Enable your in-house fraud agents with enterprise Kount.
  • Remain PCI Level 1 compliant and take advantage of tokenization and vaulting for an extra layer of protection.
4. Flexible Pricing and Full Support

A huge benefit that BlueSnap offers its merchants is full, global, merchant support. With support staff located around the world, we are always available and ready to assist you with your payment gateway and merchant account questions.

At BlueSnap, we also offer the unique benefit of dedicated account management as well as consolidated reconciliation for all payment types and currencies.

So, if you are looking for a strong Authorize.net alternative, consider BlueSnap. Contact us today to learn more.

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