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If you have an eCommerce site, your goal is probably to convert as many customers as possible. More customers = more money. But, let’s examine the real reason you may be losing customers: your eCommerce checkout page. You can spend millions on Google AdWords, but if you can’t convert a paying customer, you’re in trouble. Here are 7 things you can fix on your eCommerce checkout page right now to make more sales:


1. Don’t get gluttonous with the information you ask for – don’t make your customers select their credit card type!

This is just unnecessary! Each credit card company has a unique number sequence that will identify the type of card it is. Your checkout page should be able to automatically recognize these numbers and determine the type of credit card for itself. This is an extra step that just doesn’t need to be there – and you may lose customers because of it.


2. Don’t face the wrath of no guest checkout

We know you want your customers personal information (such as the name of their first pet as a child or their grandmother’s street name), but come on, a lot of times your customers just don’t have the time to register – they need that lip-gloss trio and they need it now! Unfortunately for Sephora it seems they NEED your email before you can make that lip-gloss poppin’:


sephora ecommerce checkout page


Conversely, Apple knows this – don’t you want to be like Apple? Aren’t you reading this blog on your iPhone as we speak? We thought so:

apple ecommerce checkout page


3. Don’t get greedy with shipping costs

Nothing is worse than having customers thinking that they are going to get those sandals just in time for their vacation – and once they get through to checkout, you show them a 10-14 day shipping option that’ll cost them an extra $15. While you should probably reconsider this shipping to be quicker anyways (it’s the Amazon effect, people), make sure you are upfront with your shipping times and costs. It should be on the first step of your checkout. An extra step for those who want to get ahead? Offer free shipping too. Lululemon know this – keeping the Yogi’s saying Namaste:


lululemon ecommerce checkout page


4. Don’t lead your customers astray – make them lust after you with live help right on your eCommerce checkout page!

Though eCommerce is steadily growing, some people still have trouble checking out online. Don’t let your customer be one of those people! Offer live help on your site so that customers who may not know what CVV is can get help right away. 44% of customers say that having a live person answer their questions while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.


5. Let your customers be sloth-like – billing and shipping should go hand in hand on your eCommerce checkout page

Making your customers type out their address twice on a checkout page just isn’t right. You should have a checkout box next to the billing address section to allow customers to default their shipping address as their billing address:


lush ecommerce checkout page


6. If you don’t offer reviews, others who are envious might

It’s a scary thought to think where customers can find information online these days. Placate their research and offer reviews of your products on your site – this way they don’t have to possibly go to a competitor’s site to get the information they need!


7. Show off your pride with security logos on your eCommerce checkout page

Like it or not, some checkouts are just not trustworthy these days – and most customers know this. As fraudsters slowly creep their way online as the EMV shift is changing POS checkouts, people want to know their information is going to be safe. Let your customers know you care about their safety and display security logos at checkout.


Don’t let the 7 deadly sins take over your checkout page, read our Checkout Conversion Index to get more tips and tricks for how to optimize your checkout pages:

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