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As a payment gateway company, we are all too familiar with the struggles of creating an eCommerce checkout – and that is why we make it our mission to reverse that struggle for both merchants and customers! We created this e-lemonade video to parody some of the things NOT to do on your eCommerce site, check it out:




While this video is centered around two little kids trying to sell ‘e-lemonade’ for 50 cents, what happens at their stand is a reflection of something that is plaguing the eCommerce industry today – complicated checkout processes! As we can see in the video, their customers are very frustrated with the crazy payment policies that come along with only trying to purchase a simple glass of lemonade – so much so that many of them walk away from the lemonade stand. The irony!


So what can we learn from this video?

For starters, 67% of customers are abandoning shopping carts because of complicated checkout processes. Just as we watched these customers leave the lemonade stand with nothing, your customers may be doing the same. Here are a couple ways to keep your customers coming back for more:

phil dunphy lemons


1. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment
As we can see in this video, almost all of the customers try to pay with cash, and as they are rejected, they start down the slippery slope of shopping cart abandonment. After all, who really wants to pay with a credit card for a 50 cent glass of lemonade? It’s just inconvenient, and similarly, if your eCommerce store doesn’t have something convenient for the shopper, they will likely find another merchant that does. If your shoppers want to pay by wire transfer – let them! Don’t cast yourself out of the global game by only accepting payment types that are familiar to your payment preferences.


2. Long Forms and Unnecessary Details are a Huge No-No!
Step two on the shopping cart abandonment slope is having to fill out long forms – especially when the information is irrelevant. Of course, customers will have to provide their payment and billing information, but they shouldn’t have to provide much more than that. The more questions you ask, the higher the likelihood that the shopper will abandon their cart during the payment process (and to think, you were so close!). And, as we see in the video, when one of the customers fills out the form and misses one little detail the kid just throws away the information recklessly and makes the customer fill out the form all over again. If you’re going to ask customers for their information, be sure you are being careful with what they give you.


3. Make Your Page Internationally Friendly
Did you know that cross-border shoppers spend almost twice as much as consumers that only shop locally? Don’t ignore these potential opportunities! Make your page internationally friendly – whether it be language translations, foreign payment types, etc.- just remember that there is a bigger world outside just your local shoppers.


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