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Becoming a PayFac can be a new revenue stream for your company. We asked tech leaders from multiple industries if this is something their businesses are considering and here are the full results:

Is your business considering becoming a payment facilitator?

Are you looking for new revenue streams and interested in monetizing payments? Whether you want everything managed for you or have hopes to become a payment facilitator yourself, BlueSnap’s technology offers the tools and flexibility you need to make it a reality.

Here’s how:

  • Flexible Platform: BlueSnap is flexible to support how you want to handle payments. Want to integrate payments into your software? Our All-in-One Payment Solution for Platforms has all the functionality to create a world-class, global payment experience for your customers. Want to create an online marketplace? We can support that, too.
  • Brand It Your Way with Our Custom API: With BlueSnap’s Payment API, you can brand your payments experience however you want, whether it’s white-labeling, gray labeling, or no label at all. Plus, is easy to implement so you can start accepting payments in a snap.
  • Easy Onboarding: Whether you’re onboarding customers to payments integrated into your platform or onboarding new vendors to your marketplace, BlueSnap understands speed to market. Everything is designed to get your customers up and running quickly
  • Split Payouts: Need to payout to multiple parties? With BlueSnap’s technology, that is not a problem. Payments can be split between as many as 10 parties. You can set them up as one time or recurring, as a percentage or fixed amount and automate it.

By partnering with BlueSnap to monetize payments, you get all the benefits without taking on the additional risk or tech burden yourself.

Talk to us to see what options might be right for you.


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