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Partners, anyone?

Here at BlueSnap, we consider ourselves not just a payment gateway provider but more of a payment partner—our payment services and features are all designed with growing businesses in mind. So if you’re a web agency in the market for a payment gateway that can add value to the first-class digital services you’re already providing for your clients, check us out. We’re committed to not only meeting the complex needs of maturing businesses but also meeting your needs, as our web agency partner.

5 Things To Look For In A Payment Gateway Provider

As we see it, web agencies need five things to make a payment gateway provider partnership work seamlessly:

1. Flexible and easy integration

At BlueSnap, you can choose any or all of three integration methods—depending on the needs of your client as well as your development team:

  • APIs: Our API can be used for basic card processing and more advanced payment transactions like coupons, subscription billing, digital wallets, and more. Integration is simple with the help of our Developer Hub.
  • Hosted checkout pages: These prebuilt payment pages are the easiest to drop into client sites, and your merchants won’t have to store any sensitive card information.
  • Shopping cart plug-ins: We’ve partnered with best-in-class companies to provide all the shopping cart integrations, tools, and resources you need to help your clients’ businesses thrive—including Magento, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Zapier, X-Cart, and WooCommerce, just to name a few. All of our plug-ins work seamlessly with our payment gateway, so it’s less work for you.

Web agencies, systems integrators, and developers—find out more about how to become a BlueSnap partner and what it can do for you!

2. Extensive Support  

Your payment service provider should have live tech support available anytime you need it. At BlueSnap, we have a knowledgeable customer support team available —via email, phone, and an online ticketing system—to answer questions and solve problems. We also have an extensive online knowledge base filled with articles, videos, and screenshots for self-service, if you prefer. And, as a BlueSnap client, you’ll never be left in the dark about updates and improvements to our platform—we send out monthly emails to keep you posted on the latest.

3. Business solutions for your merchants

The payment solution you provide your clients should help them easily solve business problems, among them:

  • How to sell globally. BlueSnap offers the most extensive set of localized options in the industry to provide your merchants with a robust network of local acquiring bank connections. There’s no additional legwork involved for merchants to start selling in other countries; plus, our payment gateway supports 180 countries, 29 languages, 100 currencies, and 110 payment types. Localized payment experiences can reduce friction at checkout.
  • How to minimize fraud. BlueSnap’s platform comes with world-class fraud protection built-in so you can focus on growing your clients’ businesses, not worrying about fraud. We have customized fraud rules that can stop fraud before it even happens, letting only legit orders through.
  • How to gather useful data. We offer a variety of reports to help optimize conversion rates and increase sales, including payment conversion reporting and sales intelligence to drive business decisions, cleanse reports to understand shopper behavior, and payout reports for easy account reconciliation.
  • How to improve conversion rates: Frictionless checkout is essential when selling online. BlueSnap’s platform is mobile optimized and offers the digital wallets you need to make checkout a breeze. Also, our extensive network of acquiring banks and intelligent payment routing enables us to send each transaction to the bank appropriate for that shopper, resulting in the highest conversion rates in the business. Some merchants have seen an uplift of up to 17% due to this technology.

4. Security

  • PCI compliance is critical for merchants handling sensitive credit/debit transactions, and you should be able to depend on your payment gateway provider to help manage this burden for you. BlueSnap is PCI-Level-1 certified, which means we place heavy emphasis on security, with centralized logging and monitoring, host intrusion detection, endpoint security, and more. With our hosted checkout page integration, you won’t need to worry about PCI compliance because we’ll handle it for you.

If you would like to build your custom checkout flow using the API but need help keeping your PCI compliance requirements in check, BlueSnap’s Hosted Payment Fields are the ideal solution. The fields are hosted on our Level 1 PCI-compliant servers, giving you the lowest PCI burden possible. Plus, our partnership with data security leader Security Metrics means you’ll be automatically eligible for quarterly compliance reviews, renewal assistance, periodic system scans, and more.

  • We’re also proactive about fraud prevention. You’ll be able to assure your clients they’re protected by top-notch fraud mitigation and prevention tools built in to our platform and provided by Kount, an award-winning anti-fraud technology provider. You can also customize the level of protection for individual businesses. When it comes to fraud, we’re doing everything we can to minimize eCommerce risks and maximize revenue for online merchants.

5. A responsive checkout page

Responsive web design is a priority for you; the same should be true for your sites’ checkout pages. The checkout solution you offer your clients must perform equally well across devices, from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop computers. With our REST-based API, you can create the payment flow that makes sense for your business. This simple but powerful tool allows you to create the checkout experience you want, while BlueSnap manages the heavy lifting of successfully completing the transaction.

Partners For Digital Excellence

In choosing BlueSnap as your payment gateway partner, you can be confident you’ve chosen a payment service provider that’s working hand-in-hand with you to grow your clients’ brands online. You can also focus your energy on doing what you do best—while we do the same. Check out our partner referral program, too. It’s our way of sharing the love.


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