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Learn how Veracross School Information Systems partners with BlueSnap to offer payments as a part of its premier software solution for independent schools.

Video Transcript

Jessica Wallis, Senior VP, Veracross: Veracross is a student information system that was made for independent schools.

Don Humpton, Director of Sales, Veracross: From admissions to academics to fundraising and to billing and business office – so really a holistic solution for independent K-12 schools.

Wallis: We are the only student information system in the market that provides schools with one system and that one record. We’re able to serve all the different areas of the campus, allow schools to have one record for their students from inquiry to them being an alumni.

Humpton: Payments is critical to our organization, because there is a number of areas where constituents may need to make payments to the school. That could be for tuition. I might want to make a donation. There might be an afterschool class, the chess club. I may need to pay an application fee, an enrollment deposit. And so, awhile ago, we started looking at it, going, wow there’s a lot of areas where there needs to be an interchange of funds between the constituents of the school and the school. How can we assist in that school being more efficient with those operations?

Wallis: So we realized that to provide schools with a better experience for their families, we needed to have payments integrated into our system.

Humpton: We very quickly realized we do not want to be the actual payment network that we’re using. Who can we partner with where we can do what we do really well, which is an integrated SIS effort for the K-12 market, and allows someone else to do the payments work that we’re just not experts in?

Wallis: We’ve been really lucky to have great partners at BlueSnap that will work with us.

Humpton: For our schools, 70 to 90 percent of their revenue is via tuition dollars. And so we needed a partner that would ensure that we’d have successful transactions for parents. And so, what was really exciting about working with BlueSnap is that they allowed us to use their payments infrastructure and for us to build on top of it, which allowed us to give our customers the experience that we wanted to while using a really powerful payments system on the back end.

Wallis: We’ve had such a great reaction after we implemented BlueSnap. With the automatic reconciliation and that time savings that it gives the business office, it really gives them a lot of peace of mind there in knowing that all their payments are coming in through one system. They don’t have to track people down and then saving them hours and hours of time.

Humpton: And so that’s just rewarding to understand that you’ve taken really two major constituents – all the parents and the school – and you’ve improved both of their lives and workflows.

Wallis: At the end of the day, at Veracross we hope that we’re providing all schools globally with the best student information system available

Humpton: The admissions office is able to spend more time meeting with prospective students, the development office is able to spend more time with prospective donors, the academics team is able to not be futzing around with technology and being able to say, “I’m going to spend time with my students.”

Wallis: And we’re happy to have BlueSnap partnering with that to make payments a breeze.

Learn more about Veracross and how they meet schools’ unique payment needs with BlueSnap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are embedded payments?

Embedded payments are when payment functionality is embedded directly within a software platform, so clients do not need to integrate with another service to accept payments.

What are my options for embedding payments?

A few different models exist. You may be able to implement no- or low-code platform models without development help, but development resources are typically needed for implementations that have more customizable options. Depending on the model that you choose, your payments can be up and running in a day or two, or if you choose a more customizable model, a few months. You may also choose different fee structures, such as revenue sharing or buy rate.

How does embedding payments with a third-party partner work?

Using an embedded partner involves signing on with a partner that has developed embedded payments technology that your clients can access through your platform. The embedded payments partner will typically handle compliance, onboarding and customer support, depending on how you would like to structure the partnership.

What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap helps businesses accept global payments a better way. Our All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform is designed to increase sales and reduce costs for all businesses accepting payments.

BlueSnap supports payments across all geographies through multiple sales channels such as online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice payments and manual orders through a virtual terminal.

And for businesses looking for embedded payments, we offer white-labeled payments for platforms with automated underwriting and onboarding that supports marketplaces and split payments.

With one integration and contract, businesses can sell in over 200 geographies with access to local acquiring in 45+ countries, 110+ currencies and 100+ global payment types, including popular eWallets, automated accounts receivable, world-class fraud protection and chargeback management, built-in solutions for regulation and tax compliance, and unified global reporting to help businesses grow.

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