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Wondering if that investment you made in the Brazilian market is paying off? Or maybe you’re interested in which of your product’s two renewal options is performing better? With BlueSnap’s Google Analytics integration feature, you can easily access eCommerce tracking analytics to answer questions like these and many more.

A More Powerful eCommerce Tracking Analytics Tool

The allure of Google Analytics is undeniable. The availability of measurable data, metrics, benchmarks, etc. promises great things for eCommerce merchants. In fact, the first time you load that tiny JavaScript Google Analytics code snippet into your online pages, you feel like you’ve magically secured a direct window into the data grid.

But disappointment sets in when you begin actually reviewing your Google Analytics account. With those push/send commands, you haven’t truly synchronized your business data with monitored data, which renders analysis unreliable. Instead, you decide to go with the most basic create/send code, relying solely on generating reports based on page views.

On top of that, extracting data from reports, poring over graphs and charts, and analyzing real-time management dashboards is not for the faint of heart. There is simply too much information—from the number of conversions by source to the number of hits per sales or landing page per device, time-on-page comparisons, organic traffic from the U.S. (not to mention other countries!), customer behavior reports, mobile performance reports, efficiency reports, performance reports… I’ll stop there. Do you really have an analytics expert on staff to digest all this information?

eCommerce Tracking Analytics Made Easy

BlueSnap Analytics Implementation (BAI) has your back! With the reach of Google Analytics and the focus of our BlueSnap Google Analytics integration, you’ll get easy access to the precious gems hidden in this endless ocean of raw data.

Check out the BlueSnap Developer Hub, where you can find all the documentation and resources you need to customize your checkout experience.

We use simple backtracking algorithm approaches to backtrack from your desired results to the beginning of each transaction. BlueSnap’s BAI tool provides merchants with an executive analytics-based planning tool, setting your new features design precisely on target. The result is valuable, focused data that gives you exactly the information you need to take decisive action. It is like already having the gem in your hand and looking back on how it got there.

For example, you can find out if your internet service providers are performing as expected, and whether they are compromising possible conversions; you can resolve such issues with little modifications to what you already have installed and running.

To find out more about our eCommerce tracking analytics tool, check out our website as well as our BAI documentation for developers. It’s easy to add Google Analytics tracking to your BlueSnap checkout pages, including goal-tracking to determine your conversion rate.

Data analytics should be a beautiful thing; we can help make it so.



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