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How did your Spring cleaning go last week? Hopefully you got some good recycling done by using Dunning Management. This week we have a new installment for you that will continue to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle. So keep the cleaning going with Automated Subscription Reminders.




Sure, credit cards are widely used by online shoppers but what about global shoppers who would rather use other payment types? Are they supposed to go out in the trash with the old knitted sweater grandma gave you for Christmas five years ago? NO! Not supporting alternative payment types will quickly cast you out of the global expansion game (or as we like to call it, world domination). Most countries outside of the US have specific local payment types that they are conditioned to using (mostly outside of credit cards). For example, in Germany, 40% of people are using online payments such as giropay and Sofort. Not to mention, Germany is the fifth fastest-growing eCommerce country in the world. If they want to order subscriptions from you, are you prepared?


Enter Automated Subscription Reminders. This tool enables your shoppers to be able to pay with their preferred method of payment, whether it be giropay, wire transfer, iDeal, etc. Once the shopper selects their preferred alternative payment method for their subscription they will receive an automated subscription reminder email (usually up to three reminders) with a link to easily confirm and renew their subscription before payment is due. Most subscription models do not support this key differentiator that you could have for your business – so make sure you are considering this when choosing a gateway or subscription engine.


Now you may be thinking, “this does not apply to me, most of my customers use credit cards”. Have you considered the doors it would open if you were to offer other payment types? (I’ll give you a hint – this door opens up to the entire world). Recycling one time buyers into repeat customers will help keep your company green (especially with all of the extra cash you’ll be making).




Consider Automated Subscription Reminders for your business. Once you’re ready to step up to the plate and start Spring Cleaning, drop us a line:

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