Case Studies

TitanHQ Case Study

TitanHQ finds the flexibility and capabilities it needs to support growth all in a single connection to BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform.

“Moving to BlueSnap’s payment facilitator model allowed us to lower costs and improve our EBITDA profitability while also enhancing our subscription and billing management as a SaaS company.”

Michael Kitt, Head of FP&A, TitanHQ

Who Is TitanHQ?

TitanHQ is a best-in-class SaaS cybersecurity platform delivering a layered security solution to Managed Service Providers globally. As pioneers in cybersecurity, their solution includes anti-spam and phishing email security, DNS filtering, email archiving, security awareness training and more. Based in Ireland, TitanHQ sells their solution in more than 140 countries to more than 6,000 customers.

The Challenge

TitanHQ has only worked with one payment solution: BlueSnap. When they first began processing digital payments in 2005, they chose BlueSnap’s reseller/merchant of record model, where BlueSnap is the legal entity responsible for the sale, and hosted payment pages to support digital payments for their business.

TitanHQ experienced rapid growth and added another line of products – and added another merchant account to support it. While that is how many payment solutions operate, having multiple accounts is not necessary with BlueSnap.

Operating the two separate accounts created some unnecessary challenges for TitanHQ and made it difficult for them to optimize their digital payments.

BlueSnap’s Payment Experts examined the account and advised TitanHQ on how they could use BlueSnap’s unique technology to accept payments a better way.

The Solution

BlueSnap’s Payment Experts advised TitanHQ on the best ways to leverage our Global Payment Orchestration Platform to best optimize their payments.

The first step was to consolidate their multiple accounts into one. In addition to reducing TitanHQ’s operational upkeep, this single account allows them to get the most out of BlueSnap’s platform, including Intelligent Payment Routing with failover to improve authorization rates as well as simplified reconciliation through one set of reporting that supplies a comprehensive view of their payments.

With more of their own resources at their disposal, it made sense for TitanHQ to graduate and take on more ownership of their payments. This involved TitanHQ taking over as the merchant of record as well as them switching to our Payment API rather than a hosted checkout page. TitanHQ now owns more of their payments and their customer experience while relying on BueSnap’s functionality for processing optimized payments.

BlueSnap’s Payment Experts also saw that despite having entities in both the EU and US, all the company’s payments were being routed only through one of those countries, leading to unnecessary declines and cross-border fees. BlueSnap helped TitanHQ implement local card acquiring in both regions, increasing transaction approvals and eliminating those fees.

“Moving to BlueSnap’s payment facilitator model allowed us to lower costs and improve our EBITDA profitability while also enhancing our subscription and billing management as a SaaS company,” says Michael Kitt, Head of FP&A for TitanHQ. “The implementation specialists, account manager and customer support expertise were excellent during our migration from two accounts into one consolidated single account.”

And BlueSnap didn’t miss a beat when TitanHQ brought in additional technology. When TitanHQ chose Maxio to support subscription management, BlueSnap was already integrated to work seamlessly with that software.

The Results

Since implementing the changes recommended by BlueSnap’s Payment Experts, TitanHQ has now optimized their global payments several ways, improving their authorization rates and reducing costs. BlueSnap has empowered them to consolidate their payments, improve their customers’ experience and eliminate the unnecessary fees associated with selling internationally.

As TitanHQ has grown, they have been able to grow their payments right along without changing their solution thanks to the flexibility of the Global Payment Orchestration Platform. The technology already has the use cases and flexibility built in so it could easily meet TitanHQ’s evolving needs.

“Bluesnap’s commitment to partnership and constant support in growing payments and resolving any issues we faced has been brilliant,” says Kitt. “We have been a partner for almost 20 years and it has been a joy to watch the growth and success of our businesses in that time.”