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Roof Maxx Case Study

How BlueSnap Helped Roof Maxx Reduce Their DSO by 53%

“Every software vendor wants to tell you that they can do this, that and the other thing – BlueSnap is by far at the top of the list for delivery on promise.”

Christopher McClurg, CFO and General Counsel, Roof Maxx

Who Is Roof Maxx?

Roof Maxx, founded in 2017 by roofing industry veterans Mike and Todd Feazel, helps to preserve roofs with its environmentally-friendly roofing treatment. Leveraging new advancements from industry-leading scientists and laboratories like Airable Research Labs, Roof Maxx uses soy fusion technology to coat asphalt shingles in an all-natural bio-oil that restores shingles’ flexibility. This preserves the shingles, keeping them out of landfills and allowing property owners to extend the life of their roofs.

The Challenge

Roof Maxx has experienced rapid growth over the last 5-plus years, currently with 320+ dealers across the country. They invoice their dealers monthly for a variety of fees accrued in different ways, including a monthly subscription for their technology, the cost of the leads they pass on for fulfillment, and for the purchase of the product used for preserving the roofs, as well as a monthly product prepayment program.

As the company grew, so did its need to integrate QuickBooks with a more robust billing mechanism for their accounts receivable. Then, as they hired a controller, an AP clerk and an AR clerk, they realized the accounts receivable software they initially chose was not meeting their needs and was even causing difficulties with their collections process.

Their billing software did not have the flexibility to easily generate customers’ unique invoices based on what they needed to be charged and what they had previously paid. “At a minimum, your software is supposed to be neutral as far as gaining efficiencies, but when you start fighting the software, and it becomes a problem, that’s just unacceptable,” says Christopher McClurg, CFO and General Counsel at Roof Maxx. “They were making it difficult to get paid.”

In addition to poor functionality, Roof Maxx struggled with poor customer support. “We didn’t get any answers to our questions and often dealt with chatbots or were told to figure things out on our own,” says McClurg.

Roof Maxx’s poor accounts receivable processes started to negatively impact customers, who had challenges trying to see how much they owed or submitting payments.

The Solution

Roof Maxx chose BlueSnap’s AR Automation software and payment technology to streamline their accounts receivable processes and create a better customer experience.

BlueSnap’s technology is significantly more feature-rich and versatile, easily bridging the gaps Roof Maxx identified in its previous software. For example, Roof Maxx can now offer split payments and easily generate monthly invoice statements using BlueSnap. Customers can now use the customer portal to understand what they owe and can pay in ways that are best for them.

Roof Maxx has also enjoyed BlueSnap’s unparalleled support through the sales process, implementation and now that they are up and running. “When you disrupt or switch over your whole payment process, anything can go wrong, but we had no problems,” says McClurg. “I give our team immense credit on making sure that we tested everything and we were cautious, but BlueSnap said to watch out for this and to test that. We did what they told us to, and next thing I know, money is coming in and we shut off [our old software] and just kept going.”

This is in contrast to their previous billing software. “We know that whenever we ask BlueSnap a question, we’ll always get a very straightforward, transparent, and quick response,” he says.

McClurg also appreciates BlueSnap’s collaborative approach. When he found a bug during testing, he was able to speak with someone and work together to get it fixed quickly. “I just thought it was awesome that we have somebody over there who would answer a technical question and literally fix something on the fly in front of me.”


The Results

Since implementing BlueSnap, Roof Maxx has seen over a 53% decrease in days sales outstanding (DSO) due to improved billing powered by custom workflow automation cadences and better communication via automated emails and the customer portal.

Additionally, BlueSnap’s updated, intuitive payment portal has significantly reduced the number of customer complaints Roof Maxx’s AR department has to handle.

“Every software vendor wants to tell you that they can do this, that and the other thing,” says McClurg. “You get a lot on promises and a little less on what the software actually does. With BlueSnap, there was zero delta between that. We must have integrated with 30 softwares over time, and BlueSnap is by far at the top of the list for delivery on promise.”

McClurg is excited to leverage other aspects of BlueSnap’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform as Roof Max grows and requires more use cases for accepting payments.

If McClurg were to advise other organizations on identifying their next payment solution, he says: “If you want your payments not to be a problem, to be something you don’t have to worry about – if you need a solution that works the way they say it will, then you should choose BlueSnap. But if those aren’t important to you and you can deal with the pain and risk of picking the wrong partner, then you can go with someone else.”