Case Studies

PayCargo Case Study

PayCargo expedites shipping and securing cargo around the world with BlueSnap.

“Your reliability has been 100%. I can’t say anything better than that.”

Henry Del Riego, CFO, PayCargo

Who Is PayCargo?

PayCargo is a payment vehicle for the logistics industry. They facilitate electronic payments from cargo shippers (DHL, UPS, expediters, freight forwarders, etc.) to cargo carriers, expediting the release of cargo and helping the carriers to get paid faster and reducing the costs of holding cargo while waiting for payments to clear. PayCargo has more than 5,000 logistics vendors in their network that span the globe, including hundreds of terminals and container freight stations (CFS). With PayCargo, customers are able to automate the payments process with multiple financing options, handle dispute resolution, and manage system integrations, email alerts and reports.

The Challenge

PayCargo’s vision is to revolutionize the efficiency of the worldwide movement of goods and materials shipped via land, sea or air using their propriety online payment solution, which primarily uses ACH to pay and receive payments. This challenges the traditional model of paying for cargo release with check or cash and provides faster release of the cargo.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and nobody was physically in the office to write a check, PayCargo began growing quickly. Request for credit card payments grew significantly with their volume and as they expanded outside the US.

“Our biggest challenge is that we’re in an industry that’s in the 1800s, functioning in the 2000s,” says Henry Del Riego, CFO of PayCargo, as most of the logistics industry still relied heavily on paper checks and was slow to adopt electronic payments.

The Solution

After evaluating solutions, BlueSnap came out as the clear frontrunner for PayCargo. BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform had the flexibility they needed for their immediate business and their future growth. Local card acquiring capabilities, local currencies and operations worldwide would allow PayCargo to expand into new markets without needing to find (and integrate and maintain) a separate provider for each region. But most importantly, BlueSnap’s payment orchestration platform integrates seamlessly with PayCargo, making payments simple for them and their customers. In the words of Del Riego, “Integration is everything.”

Even though the pandemic forced many businesses to go completely virtual, PayCargo still had many customers who weren’t comfortable using complicated software systems to make payments. The company’s partnership with BlueSnap allows PayCargo to integrate payment processing abilities right into their platform without complicated onboarding processes for their customers.

Additionally, with BlueSnap, PayCargo has been able to tokenize its users’ card information, allowing them to avoid the risks that come with saving and storing card information.

Finally, BlueSnap’s out-of-the-box reporting gives PayCargo all the information they need to post to their general ledgers and maintain the proper records. All these features made BlueSnap the ideal partner for PayCargo.

The Results

PayCargo has tackled the fast growth they have experienced during the last 18 months with BlueSnap as their payment processor. Since BlueSnap handles the compliance and cyber security concerns related to payments, PayCargo’s team is freed up to focus on serving their customers and looking to the future.

Since partnering with BlueSnap, PayCargo has expanded from the US into Canada and has plans to expand into the EU, Asia, the Middle East and the UK in the future. Because they don’t have to find and partner with a separate vendor for each new region, they have the confidence to move forward with their expansion plans with BlueSnap as their payments processor.

Del Riego says he also appreciates how dependable and easy it is to work with BlueSnap. “Your reliability has been 100%. I can’t say anything better than that.”

If you’re looking for a payment partner that can grow with your business and help you achieve your goals, contact us today to learn more about BlueSnap.