Case Studies

Outbrain Case Study

With vision and the right payment technology, content discovery and native advertising platform Outbrain thrives in a competitive market.

“When we considered vendors this time around, we wanted a company that would be a true collaborative partner we could go the distance with, and BlueSnap fit the bill.”

Who is Outbrain?

Outbrain, a content discovery and native advertising platform, has thrived in a competitive industry that it helped pioneer.  Headquartered in New York, the company has 18 global offices including Amsterdam, London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Netenya, Israel. In the course of their ascension, they have been recognized as a best-in-class company, winning awards such as the Best Native Advertising Platform Silver Award and the Best Tech Work Culture award. Over the last 10 years, Outbrain has acquired several companies as they continue to extend their footprint.

The Challenge

As Outbrain continues to grow, they know investing in the right technology to meet their business needs today — and in the future — is key.

As they were upgrading to the Zuora platform to manage their subscription business, they had to find a payments solution that would address their growing needs, including:

  • Global commerce support: With international offices, international advertisers that pay for Outbrain’s service and international publishers who get paid by Outbrain, a number of currencies must be exchanged successfully through the company’s platform. And of course, all these exchanges must adhere to the global and local compliance and regulatory issues impacting electronic commerce.
  • Fraud prevention: With frequent fraud attempts due to the company’s global success in its space, Outbrain sought technology that could help manage risk. After all, for Outbrain, the cost of fraud is compounded as they pay publishers to drive traffic to fraudulent sites and then also are debited the chargebacks for stolen cards a fake advertiser may have used.
  • Intuitive and Easy — Internally and Externally: Outbrain’s previous payments solutions were difficult for Outbrain with multiple platforms, making reconciliations and overall payment management challenging. Ease of use and a great customer experience were paramount.

The Solution

After evaluating different payment processing vendors, Outbrain chose BlueSnap, because it best meets their needs. Outbrain specifically values:

  • BlueSnap’s intelligent payment routing and network of global banks: In addition to improving payment authorizations, the BlueSnap technology takes a unique approach to payment optimization that helps to eliminate cross-border fees — no other vendor Outbrain spoke to looks at payments in this way. Given Outbrain’s global reach, this adds up to thousands of dollars in savings each month.
  • Kount Payment Fraud Prevention: BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform includes an integration with Kount’s fraud prevention technology. After choosing this powerful technology duo, Outbrain quickly saw fraudulent charge attempts being intercepted, saving the company time and money.
  • Seamless Integration: A seamless integration that does not require manual effort is essential for Outbrain. The integration between BlueSnap and Zuora is all that the company was hoping for. The efficiencies and comprehensive daily reporting are a considerable upgrade from Outbrain’s previous vendor.

The Results

As a result of choosing BlueSnap, Outbrain is quickly benefiting from reduced costs, increased transactions, and a decrease in fraudulent charges. Additionally, Outbrain has been able to gain efficiencies by choosing a feature-rich solution that integrates seamlessly with the rest of their technology stack.

Moreover, Outbrain feels it has extended its own team by choosing BlueSnap.   “When we considered vendors this time around, we wanted a company that would be a true collaborative partner we could go the distance with, and BlueSnap fit the bill,” says Barry Schofield, VP, Corporate Finance & Treasurer at Outbrain.

BlueSnap and Outbrain have regular meetings to review priorities and continue to strengthen the partnership. There is give and take from both sides as the teams work, strategize and grow together.