Case Studies

Kidoz Case Study

See how BlueSnap helped Kidoz, an Android app, increase payment conversions by 33% and reach consumers in over 150 countries.

“Kidoz is an Android app designed to turn phones, tablets and PCs into a kid-friendly app store filled with videos, apps and online content just for kids. Kidoz aims to help kids learn how to navigate the online world before they can even read and write. parents don’t have to worry about their kids stumbling onto inappropriate content like they would if they were browsing the regular app store. Kidoz lets kids learn in a safe and fun way.”


Kidoz was facing a number of challenges when it came to online and mobile checkout. They were moving customers all the way along the buying process to the checkout phase and then losing them. The reasons were many- too many fields, currency issues, coupon problems etc. This is where BlueSnap came in.

After making the switch to the BlueSnap payment platform, Kidoz was able to increase payment conversions by 33% and reach consumers in over 150 countries. And these were just two of the many benefits they saw as a result of the integration of BlueSnap’s all-in-one payment platform.

The Challenge

The Kidoz app needed a payment gateway that could do these things:

  • Process payments inside of the native app for a frictionless checkout experience without a redirect to a web page
  • Eliminate extra steps and fields from their checkout page
  • Support returning shoppers with a one-click purchase experience so parents could easily add money to their children’s accounts on a regular basis
  • Handle as much of the PCI compliance burden as possible
  • Allow their customers to easily use coupons
  • Support shoppers around the world with their native language and currency at checkout, and route their payments to a local bank so their payments would have a higher success rate

The Solution

Kidoz’s needs leant themselves perfectly to BlueSnap’s all-in-one payment platform because Kidoz:

  • Had access to the BlueSnap Android SDK to encrypt client-side data which allowed them to create a PCI compliant purchase flow
  • Could use BlueSnap’s Payment API for returning shopper charges so parents could easily give their kids allowance without needing to refill their payment information each time
  • Could easily integrate with the coupon functionality
  • Used BlueSnap’s automatic Intelligent Payment Routing to ensure global shopper’s payments have a higher success rate
  • Had a global reach. BlueSnap supports shoppers and merchants from 180 countries so the international needs were not a problem

The Results

The Kidoz app achieved a significant improvement in revenue just by changing their payment gateway, which enabled frictionless checkout with maximized payment conversions. As a result of this change in payment platform, Kidoz was able to:

  • Double the payment conversion rate for returning through the one-click checkout process.
  • Increase their geographical reach, now reaching shoppers in over 150 countries.
  • Save money and time with a single integration to coupons, subscriptions, digital downloads etc.