Case Studies

GreenRope Case Study

GreenRope’s All-in-One CRM solution benefits from the powerful global payment functionality they got from switching to BlueSnap. It helps them attract more international customers and satisfies the needs of their global resellers.

“BlueSnap was the first payment provider that was able to demonstrate they had the truly global capabilities I’d been looking for for the past 10 years.”

Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO of GreenRope


Who is GreenRope?

We are a fully integrated sales, marketing, and operations platform. Our “Complete CRM” platform combines traditional CRM capabilities with marketing automation tools, as well as a broader set of tools that businesses typically use different pieces of software for, including a project management system, event management system, knowledge base, survey tool, email marketing capability, and more.


What makes your solution unique?

Our platform extends the benefits associated with a typical CRM system by integrating sales, marketing, and operations tools all in one package. Rather than trying to piece together costly, disparate software systems and productivity tools, our all-in-one solution not only makes it easier to convert more prospects but also gives users a 360-degree view of their organization. Businesses using GreenRope save 90% of the total cost of ownership compared to other CRM and marketing software solutions; many have also increased revenue by 75 percent.

Who are your customers and what are they trying to solve with your solution?

We have customers across all industries, but we tend to work with organizations that range in size from five to 50 employees. Our customers are looking for a simple but powerful CRM solution that’s cost-effective and easy to use.

We also have valuable relationships with partners, or value-added resellers (VARs), who sign on to sell a white-label version of our platform through different channels, either by targeting a specific niche or selling to a specific geographic area around the world.

The Challenge

What pain points were you looking to solve?

Before we switched to BlueSnap, our inability to accept international currencies deterred companies outside the U.S. They were interested in our product, but there was resistance to signing on because we accepted only U.S. dollars—that meant the subscription price would change every month for international customers because of variations in exchange rate. Even more importantly, though, it made those companies feel like the software wasn’t made for them.

Our resellers based in other parts of the world ran into the same difficulty. And on top of that, they were unable to set up merchant accounts for themselves in their home countries. At the time we were using, and it was very difficult for non-American companies to set up merchant accounts.

Why did you choose BlueSnap?

I’d been searching for a solution to these problems for years, but hadn’t found any merchant provider that had the right international capabilities. I finally ran into BlueSnap at a conference. After talking with them I knew they could underwrite and support my international resellers. I also knew they supported the currencies of every country we sell to. Their footprint extends around the globe, meaning as we expand even further, they will be there for us.

How are you integrated with BlueSnap?

Our API integration is set up for taking subscriptions; we use BlueSnap’s vaulted shopper functionality. When someone signs up for a subscription, BlueSnap securely stores the credit card data and vaulted shopper IDs. For our customers, payment is a painless, seamless experience.

Currently, all our new customers’ subscription transactions are being handled by BlueSnap; the same is true of our new resellers. We’re now in the process of building out BlueSnap support for our eCommerce engine for event payments, so our international clients can collect international payments for events.

The Solution

How has BlueSnap helped you grow your business?

Our business has absolutely grown as a result of switching to BlueSnap. Getting support for multiple currencies for our own customers has helped us bring in three new international resellers in the past year. And giving our resellers an automated payment solution and the capability to handle billing in different countries has saved them a lot of money and helped them sell more internationally as well.

How is the level of support?

We are so happy to work with the BlueSnap team—they are super patient, helpful, and have gone the extra mile to help us in every interaction. Whenever I have a question on the tech side someone gets back to us quickly. And if there’s ever something on the operational side, they resolve the problem as fast as possible. (Joe navigated a complex banking system to solve a mix-up with our currency approvals within a day!) Whenever we run into a problem there’s always someone there to help us.

What impact did the switch to BlueSnap have?

Psychologically it makes a big difference to know you’re buying in your own currency. We want international companies to feel like they can work safely and securely with an American company. Thanks to BlueSnap we now support 12 different currencies, and it truly makes a difference—the fact that customers can pay in their own currencies makes a big difference in how they feel about our business and our support. Our resellers are happier, too.