Case Studies

Gameflip Case Study

Gameflip was looking to improve user experience when it came to processing payments, and they found a winner with BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform.

“BlueSnap’s integration tools (APIs) were much easier to use for integration than our previous payment provider. We completed the integration to BlueSnap very quickly.”

Who Is Gameflip?

Gameflip lets gamers play, connect, share insights and exchange digital goods. They can watch expert videos and get one-on-one training with professional gamers, as well as buy and sell digital video game items. With more than 5 million authorized gamers in the community, Gameflip must provide a secure space for monetizing in-game items, gift cards and more.

The Challenge

Gameflip was looking to add features and their payments provider wasn’t giving them the attention they needed to advance their platform the way they had hoped. Gameflip needed a flexible API with a simple integration across mobile and platforms, rather than something unnecessarily complex. And, with an audience of gamers exchanging digital goods, the ability to accept alternative payments was extremely important to increasing revenue. Gameflip needed a payments partner that would be by their side from the start to finish.

The Solution

Gameflip wanted a single, flexible solution that offered painless integration tools. After its previous experience, Gameflip wanted unlimited support available throughout the implementation. BlueSnap’s All-In-One Payment Platform was able to offer everything this gaming company needed: excellent customer service, easy API integration and the alternative payment options.

The implementation was smooth sailing, and Gameflip was able to get up and running quickly. “BlueSnap’s integration tools (APIs) were much easier to use for integration than our previous payment provider,” says Terry Ngo, CTO of Gameflip. “We completed the integration to BlueSnap very quickly. And BlueSnap also offers great support for Gameflip.”