Case Studies


DudaMobile makes cloud-based mobile website development software. We took a look at how BlueSnap’s Payment API helped DudaMobile boost their revenue stream.

“DudaMobile is a web-based hosting platform that helps small-to-mid-sized businesses worldwide (SMB) translate their websites for any mobile platform.”


DudaMobile is a web based hosting platform that helps small- to mid-sized businesses worldwide (SMB) build smarter websites, faster. Customers can choose from templates and customize the elements to fit the look and feel of their brand, while retaining fully responsive capabilities.

The Challenge

As the internet continues to evolve, so too have Duda’s product offerings. They offer website personalization tools, responsive website builders, mobile webpage builders, and reseller programs. Thanks to the diverse offerings and the diverse needs of their customers, a robust subscription billing platform is majorly important to the success of our business. They turned to BlueSnap when they needed a payment processor who could offer more complex subscription billing options.

The Solution

In speaking with Duda’s team we learned that their favorite thing about BlueSnap is the added control. Instead of having to charge all of their customers the same flat fee, they are able to offer different price points and different subscription options for our diverse products. Some of the other major benefits include:

  • Ability to charge for premium content and collect overage charges
  • Full global support. As they look to scale their business on a global level, Duda’s team knows they have the support of a payment processor with multiple languages, payment types, and currencies.

The Results

DudaMobile has a lot more control over subscriptions and pricing options. This in turn means that their customers more control on the solutions they are able to order from. In addition to the boost they have seen in sales, they have also received higher customer satisfaction ratings.

DudaMobile co-founder and CEO Itai Sadan explains, “BlueSnap gives us the support and adaptability to effortlessly meet the needs of our core SMB customer market. We are confident that BlueSnap’s Payment API will enable DudaMobile to not only successfully process payments with our existing customers, but easily convert and deploy new ones as we continue to grow our business.”