Case Studies

DFO Global Case Study

With a global payment solution and deep eCommerce expertise, BlueSnap is the perfect partner for this international marketing and eCommerce company that generates extensive sales for itself and clients.

“The payments industry moved to an oversimplified version that is digitally elegant, but if there’s any assistance needed, they’re not always there. BlueSnap has a team of people — not just one — who engage with us. You really don’t see that with others.”

Bruce Cran, CEO

Who Is DFO Global?

DFO Global is an international marketing and eCommerce company that uses marketing, media, technology, data and more to generate millions of global eCommerce sales for themselves and for clients.

The Challenge

DFO Global understands the eCommerce evolution. Selling to global audiences, managing digital reputation, SEO – juggling all the nuances is tricky.

As a business that helps customers navigate international payment processing, DFO Global saw that some of its payment processors were not a good fit for optimizing global transactions. Payment processors, like retailers, have had to evolve and optimize their practices to sell different types of products in different ways, but some payment processors haven’t. For example, cross-border payments need to be streamlined and simple; the wrong approach leads to lower authorization rates, higher fees for customers and businesses, and mismatched currencies between the sellers and buyers.

Additionally, some payment processors aren’t equipped to handle the uncertainties of eCommerce, like sales spikes and buyer’s remorse (resulting in potentially damaging chargebacks and returns). Navigating those challenges requires a deft touch.

DFO Global needed a partner that understood the nuances of eCommerce – a partner that offers stability, consistency and a truly global solution. They found that in BlueSnap.

The Solution

Bruce Cran, DFO Global’s CEO, says that BlueSnap’s proprietary intelligent payment routing technology is what initially piqued his interest. He saw the potential for DFO Global and their customers to move into new markets in different countries easily and scale their businesses in new regions.

BlueSnap’s global payment solution automatically routes every transaction through the most appropriate bank based on card brand rules and payment conversion intelligence via billions of optimized, global transactions. This approach means more transactions are authorized, and businesses and consumers don’t have to pay higher fees when making international purchases. Additionally, BlueSnap’s relationships with global banks means DFO Global doesn’t have to establish a relationship with gateways and acquiring banks in every country where they or their customers do business.

Another selling point for DFO Global was BlueSnap’s payments expertise. BlueSnap’s experience and understanding of eCommerce makes a real difference for DFO Global and their clients. BlueSnap’s upfront discovery and communication model handles sales seasonality in a more reliable and elegant fashion. Cran explains: “Some others are spooked by a data point that is just a reality of the business, but BlueSnap has a general awareness.” BlueSnap’s understanding of eCommerce’s ebbs and flows means DFO Global and its clients can use the solutions confidently.

BlueSnap focuses on creating flexible solutions that solve their clients’ problems. Understanding how payments work and how the world of online payments is changing makes BlueSnap an ideal partner for a global company like DFO.

DFO Global also benefits from a payment processing partner with the experience and personnel to offer sound advice and one-on-one consultation. “[The payments industry] came from a heavy touch, lots of consultation industry, then it moved from that to an oversimplified version that is digitally elegant, but if there’s any assistance needed, they’re not always there,” said Cran. “BlueSnap has a team of people — not just one — who engage with us. You really don’t see that with others.”

The Results

Wisdom, professionalism, knowledge, flexibility and experience set BlueSnap apart from other payments providers for DFO Global. Their goal is to centralize fragmented payments for their own entities and clients. BlueSnap gives DFO Global the ability to round out their product offering and provide their clients with an integrated payment processing solution that’s easy to use. It makes international and cross-border payments simple, and it allows DFO Global – and its clients – to grow and scale their businesses effectively.

The partnership has been so successful that DFO Global has further deepened their relationship with BlueSnap. “We have this really compelling ‘eCommerce in a box’ story, including marketing, customer generation, fulfillment, etc.,” says Cran. “And to be able to bring payments right behind that is a cool opportunity.”