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ABB Case Study

ABB Finds Flexibility and Expertise with BlueSnap’s Global Payment Capabilities

“It was BlueSnap’s flexibility and willingness to engage with ABB in the way ABB wanted to engage, which led us to choose them.”

Sinan Keilani, Assistant Vice President, ABB Ability Marketplace

Who Is ABB?

ABB is a global technology company that empowers companies across industries to create more efficient and productive processes. The company has more than 105,000 employees in over 100 countries and has a history of innovation that stretches back 130 years.

The company focuses on four initiatives:

  • Electrification: This portfolio features several products and services all designed to enable safe, smart and sustainable electrification. Some of the services provided by ABB include EV infrastructure, modular substations, solar inverters, wiring accessories, cabling and more.
  • Process automation: ABB offers several services designed to automate, streamline and simplify business operations and processes. The portfolio includes integrated automation, control technologies, software and advanced services, measurement and analytics, and turbocharging.
  • Motion: ABB’s motion business is the largest motor supplier globally. The company provides customers with electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, generators and integrated digital powertrain solutions.
  • Robotics and discrete automation: ABB offers value-added robotics, factory and machine automation solutions.

ABB provides services to customers worldwide and is actively expanding into new territories.

The Challenge

As ABB continues to grow and further its digitalization efforts, the company recognized the need for a portal where customers could explore ABB’s SaaS offerings and services. Sinan Keilani, Assistant Vice President of ABB Ability Marketplace, was charged with building out this portal.

ABB needed a global payments solution that could support their vision to bring the portal to life while also being flexible and powerful enough to help the organization meet hyper-specific growth targets around digitalization. Over time, ABB would like to expand its eCommerce offering across all business units. To do this, they wanted a partner that was knowledgeable, highly flexible, offered a wide range of payment options and could help provide much-needed expertise to their employees.

Finding a payments partner that could not only get the ABB Ability Marketplace portal off the ground but also educate ABB on optimizing global payments proved to be difficult. Keilani detailed that he and his team reached out to many companies that fell short of their specific requirements – except for BlueSnap.

The Solution

“It was BlueSnap’s flexibility and willingness to engage with ABB in the way ABB wanted to engage, which [led us to choose them],” says Keilani. The company was looking for a tremendous amount of flexibility in global capabilities and support that other payment solutions could not provide.

The modularity of BlueSnap’s Payment Orchestration Platform was especially appealing to ABB. The company operates globally and needed a payments solution that could easily handle payments for a wide variety of geographies. BlueSnap has one of the largest global acquiring bank networks on the market, making it ideal for ABB’s needs.

The Results

Partnering with BlueSnap enabled Keilani and his team to launch the ABB Ability Marketplace. The Marketplace, which serves nearly 50 countries, provides a single location for customers to purchase and manage ABB’s SaaS service subscriptions and connect with representatives.

Keilani credits BlueSnap with providing the much-needed support and education for the company to process the payments for this initiative. “Our company needed a lot of basic education, because we’re not in payment processing at all,” Keilani says. BlueSnap helped to educate ABB’s treasury teams on global payment processes and regulations. “BlueSnap was the only one that sincerely did that.”.

ABB has appreciated additional support from BlueSnap on current and future projects beyond the Marketplace. For example, the company is looking to expand into the US and further build out its online payment options. “BlueSnap has been super patient in supporting us,” Keilani says. “The customer base, the global availability, and the number of payment options are far more than we’ve been able to adopt so far.”

In the future, ABB plans to expand its eCommerce strategy across the four business areas, and BlueSnap’s global capabilities will be key. “As far as we can see now, it would be online banking, such as ACH and SEPA, with exceptions in places like China, where there would be different payment methods.” BlueSnap has been instrumental in helping ABB understand the different best practices for different geographies as they build out their digital payment strategies.

Another benefit to the partnership for ABB is BlueSnap’s willingness to support the company as it grows and changes. For example, when ABB switched the software they were using for their Marketplace, there were no disruptions to BlueSnap’s payment capabilities – the switch was seamless. The support they have received from many different BlueSnap teams has been excellent.

“BlueSnap has been a really flexible partner,” Keilani says. “We feel like we’ve been treated as a partner even in these early stages, and that’s been something we value.”