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Automated Subscription Reminders now supports Real-Time Bank Transfers

Using BlueSnap’s Automated Subscription Reminders, you can offer more payment type options when selling subscriptions. We have expanded the list of payment method options to support Real-Time Bank transfers, which include:

  • iDeal: an online payment system based on online banking. iDeal is available in the Netherlands.
  • Sofortueberweisung: an online payment system based on online banking. It is offered in the following countries – Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Austria.


What does this mean for your global sales?
Real-time bank transfers are popular methods of payment in the European market. Trying to increase European sales and selling subscriptions? Automated Subscription Reminders is your solution!

How does it work?
The initial purchase of the subscription will occur as usual, except that payments supported by Automatic Subscription Reminders will be displayed to your customers on the BuyNow page. For each renewal payment, the shopper will receive up to 3 automated reminders, which will contain a direct link to the order page.

Tip: Don’t forget to set up the relevant payment method to “Show” in Account > Optional Buynow Settings

What if I have customized BuyNow templates?
For merchants who have customized their order pages and need help with adding or fixing the display of the new Automated Subscription Reminder payments, please contact us.

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